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Directed by Phil Condit
Produced by Ange Maya
Phil Condit
Written by Phil Condit
Ange Maya
Starring Ange Maya
Tom Cochran
Beau Nelson
Laura Cotenescu
Garrett Brawith
Music by Douglas G. Tidstrand
Cinematography Phil Condit
Paul Gardner
John Austin
Editing by Phil Condit
Release date(s) United States May, 2010
Country  United States
Language English

Empress Vampire is an upcoming science fiction horror feature film produced in August 2009, and scheduled for World Premiere at Cannes Film Festival in 2010. The movie directed by Phil Condit, and starring Ange Maya, Tom Cochran, Beau Nelson, Laura Cotenescu, and Garrett Brawith[1]. The Chinese title of the movie is Huang Hou Xi Xue Gui[2].


Plot summary

The revelry of an upscale Halloween party is shattered by gunshots as two armed robbers attempt to fleece the well-to-do patrons of their money and jewels. A diminutive, cloaked figure steps out of the crowd of revelers. In a brief display of superhuman powers, the figure effortlessly kills the two robbers, despite being shot repeatedly. When news of these events reaches Washington D. C., FBI agent Dan Higgins is dispatched to track down the figure and enlist their aid in furthering the agenda of the United States abroad. Agent Higgins enlists the aid of a hunter and a psychic who are also intent on tracking down the figure.

Who is tracking who becomes serious when they realize they are attempting to track down a vampire, and not just any vampire, but the Source Vampire – the one from who of all other vampires descended – Empress Vampire!

The Empress is far more than a mere vampire. No power on earth can stop her. And she craves more than mere blood; she is carnal as well as carnivorous.

What ensues is a twisting path tracking down the Empress and, once found, the harrowing encounters and intense struggles between her, the government, and the team of hunters. It is filled with greed and power, romance and seduction, lust and slash, revenge and religion, humor and horror. What will come from such a deadly game of cat and mouse when the government finds it cannot control the power of the Empress?

Not for the squeamish or easily offended, Empress Vampire is a journey into darkness – the darkness of hell unleashed on earth, the darkness of primal desires run amok, the darkness of human greed, and the darkness of the perversion of the ultimate vampire.



Actor Character
Ange Maya[3] Empress Vampire, Aleta, Empress Yang, Grand Empress Dowager Yang
Tom Cochran Arthur Hayes
Beau Nelson Dan Higgins
Laura Cotenescu Ariana
Garrett Brawith Ivor Helsing

Co-starring: Zachary Ryan Block as Joerg Von Helsing, Jake Jacobs as Jim Thornton , Megan Cordero as Trish, and J. C. Achilles as Chinese Emperor.

Featuring: Tina Tanzer, Rachael Owens, Gary Private, Dillon C. McCarty, Beverly Swanson, Shanna Beauchamp, Daniella Love, Clint Jung, Chad Curtis Wood, Martin Bell, Britt Prentice, Rik Baron, Betty Sindayen, Sonam Arvind Dhage, Andrea Ellsworth, Jesse Wang, Don Chao, Aoni Ma, Stephanie Lopez.[4]


Producer and star Ange Maya (She played Hathor's Handmaiden at Don Glut[5] Blood Scarab[6](2008)) started pre-production in August 2008 with Director, co-producer, and co-writer Phil Condit, and continued for eleven months until early July 2009, when production began. The production wrapped in mid August, after a total of 30 filming days. The film, which includes passages in Mandarin with English subtitles, is currently in post-production and will be edited to R-rating standards. The independent feature film is produced by Ange Maya Pictures [7] and Sick Puppy Pictures, and scheduled for World Premiere at Cannes festival in 2010.


In addition to the usual horror, Sci-Fi, the supernatural, suspense, and thrills, Empress Vampire brings a mix of gore, seduction, sensuality, romance, exotic settings, supernatural power, dark humor, and political intrigue. Add to that a blend of flowing musical numbers from a fantasy Gothic vampire dance ritual to a sensual Tango musical number, from an exotic Middle Eastern belly dance to an ancient Chinese lute musical number.


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