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Enakku 20 Unakku 18 / Ne Manasu Naku Telusu
Directed by Jyothi Krishna
Produced by A. M. Rathnam
Written by Sujatha Rangarajan
Starring Tarun
Reema Sen
Music by A.R. Rahman
Release date(s) 2004
Country India India
Language Telugu / Tamil

Ne Manasu Naku Telusu | Enakku 20 Unakku 18 (2004) is a bi-lingual and Telugu and Tamil film directed by Jyothi Krishna. The film stars Tarun, Trisha, Shreya, Vivek, and Reema Sen. The film's score and soundtrack are composed by A. R. Rahman.



Sridhar (Tarun) is a final year degree student and gets selected in the campus selections for studies abroad. He goes to Mumbai for an interview and in his return finds Preeti (Trisha) and loses his heart to her. Sridhar comes to know that Preeti was about to join in degree and Preeti learns that he was a final year degree student. Sridhar is an ardent cricket fan, so is Preeti, while Sridhar is also a good football player. The principal of the college appoints a coach called Reshma (Shreya), who is also a student, for the football team led by Sridhar. Sridhar tries his best to trace Preeti by visiting several women's colleges, while Preeti also watches for Sridhar at the men's college. Accidentally, Preeti helps Sridhar's mother, when she had a heart attack. In order to find Preeti at any cost, Sridhar goes to the LB Stadium, where a cricket match is in progress and gets injuries in a bomb blast in the stadium. Just before the blast, both Preeti and Sridhar find each other but could not meet due to the blast.

Later Preeti's parents convince her to agree for a marriage and tell her to forget about the boy she was searching. At the same time, Sridhar's mother also tells him to concentrate on studies and go abroad to complete his studies. At this juncture, Sridhar comes to know that Preeti was staying just behind his house, when her parents come to his house to inform that she is getting married. Sridhar's gang participates in an inter-college football match and wins the cup. Before his return, Sridhar's mother suffers yet another heart attack and Preeti's father admits her in the hospital. Then they come to know that Sridhar's brother-in-law was behind bars for no fault of his and Preeti helps him to come out of the case. Meanwhile, Sridhar's mother passes away. Later Sridhar's brother-in-law gets another job and the family leaves for Bangalore. Sridhar feels lonely so, he decides to go abroad. After three years, Sridhar returns from abroad to find Preeti in the same compartment. To his surprise, Preeti is still unmarried and they unite.


Actor Role
Tarun Sridhar
Trisha Preeti
Vivek Sridhar's Friend Kapil
Shriya Reshma
Manivannan Preeti's father
Riyaz Khan Preeti's brother
Reema Sen Priyanka
Devadarshini Sridhar's sister
R. Sundarrajan

Full cast and credit listing available. Tamannah Bhathia was also in this movie [1].


The soundtrack features 6 songs composed by A. R. Rahman.


  • This film starred Shriya in a Tamil film for the first time.
  • The songs composed by A.R.Rahman became the biggest audio hits of 2003.

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