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Country Switzerland Coat of Arms of Endingen
Canton Aargau
District Zurzach
47°32′N 8°17′E / 47.533°N 8.283°E / 47.533; 8.283Coordinates: 47°32′N 8°17′E / 47.533°N 8.283°E / 47.533; 8.283
Population 1,842 (December 2005)
  - Density 218 /km2 (564 /sq mi)
Area 8.46 km2 (3.27 sq mi)
Elevation 383 m (1,257 ft)
Postal code 5304
SFOS number 4305
Surrounded by Baldingen, Lengnau, Obersiggenthal, Unterendingen, Würenlingen
SFSO statistics
Endingen is located in Switzerland

Endingen is a municipality in the district of Zurzach in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland.

In the 18th and 19th century, Endingen was one of few villages in which Swiss Jews were permitted to settle. Old buildings in Endingen have two doors – one for Jews and one for Christians. Endigen's synagogue and Jewish cemetery are listed as a heritage site of national significance.[1] Unusually for Swiss villages, there is no Christian church.


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Coordinates: 47°32′N 8°17′E

File:Coat of arms of Endingen
Country Switzerland
Canton Aargau
District Zurzach

Coordinates47°32′N 8°17′E
Population 1842   (December 2005)
Area 8.46 km² (3.27 sq mi)

Elevation383 m (1,257 ft)
Postal code 5304

SFOS number4305
Surrounded byBaldingen, Lengnau, Obersiggenthal, Unterendingen, Würenlingen


Endingen is a municipality of the district Zurzach in the canton of Aargau in Switzerland.

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