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Endocapillary proliferative glomerulonephritis
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Renal corpuscle. Glomerulus capillaries are #10.
ICD-10 N00.-N08. with .4 suffix

Endocapillary proliferative glomerulonephritis is a form of glomerulonephritis that can be associated with nephritis.[1]

It may be associated with Parvovirus B19.[2]


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  2. ^ Iwafuchi Y, Morita T, Kamimura A, Kunisada K, Ito K, Miyazaki S (March 2002). "Acute endocapillary proliferative glomerulonephritis associated with human parvovirus B19 infection". Clin. Nephrol. 57 (3): 246–50. PMID 11924757.  

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