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Coat of arms of Enger
Enger is located in Germany
Coordinates 52°8′0″N 8°34′0″E / 52.133333°N 8.566667°E / 52.133333; 8.566667
Country Germany
State North Rhine-Westphalia
Admin. region Detmold
District Herford
Town subdivisions 9
Mayor Klaus Rieke (SPD)
Basic statistics
Area 41.21 km2 (15.91 sq mi)
Elevation 107 m  (351 ft)
Population 20,062  (31 December 2006)
 - Density 487 /km2 (1,261 /sq mi)
Other information
Time zone CET/CEST (UTC+1/+2)
Licence plate HF
Postal code 32130
Area codes 05224
05225 (most of Westerenger)
05223 (parts of Besenkamp)
Website www.enger.de
Location of the town of Enger within Herford district

Enger is a town in the Herford district, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.



Enger is situated between the Teutoburger Wald and the Wiehengebirge, approx. 6 km west of the town of Herford, the capital of the district.


Neighbouring places

Division of the town

Enger consists of the following districts (population as of December 31 2005):

  • Belke-Steinbeck (2,471 inhabitants)
  • Besenkamp (1,849 inhabitants)
  • Dreyen (1,404 inhabitants)
  • Enger (7,809 inhabitants)
  • Herringhausen (West) (430 inhabitants)
  • Oldinghausen (773 inhabitants)
  • Pödinghausen (2,181 inhabitants)
  • Siele (122 inhabitants)
  • Westerenger (3,797 inhabitants)


The town, first mentioned in 948, calls itself "Widukind's town." The Saxon leader Widukind died about 808; there is no evidence that Enger existed in his lifetime. A legend tells that Widukind founded a church in Enger after his baptism, and that he lived at the place until his death. He was buried in the church of Enger, and his monumental tomb is still there in the town's church.

However, analysis shows that the memorial slab dates from circa 1100, thus it is doubtful that what is in the tomb are really the remains of Widukind. The main current attractions of Enger are Widukind's tomb, the Widukind museum, and the annual Widukind festival on January 6 (called "Timpkenfest") and the "Kirschblütenfest".

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