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English Water Spaniel
English Water Spaniel.jpg
"Quaille, an English Water Spaniel" (1797)
Country of origin United Kingdom

The English Water Spaniel is a breed of dog extinct since the 1900s, with the last of the breed being seen in the 1930s. The breed was known for hunting waterfowl and "diving as well as the ducks".[1]


The English Water Spaniel looked little like the Irish Water Spaniel of today. It actually more closely resembled a curly-haired version of the Welsh Springer Spaniel with a pointier muzzle, with traits of the Collie, poodle, and setter. The white and liver/tan dog stood about 20 inches tall and looked like a typical, lean, long-legged spaniel with long ears, a white underbelly, and brown back, except that it had the coat of a water dog.[1]




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