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Welcome to English in Use, a book about the actual use of the English language. It features sections about types of grammar, punctuation and formality. This wikibook is intended for use by native speakers of English or advanced learners of English as a second language.

If you wish to learn English then you should use one of the English books for students learning English as a second language. For new learners of English try the English for beginners book. If you have some experience of English but need to refresh your knowledge try the English for B2 Students Wikibook. If you're preparing for the Cambridge FCE exam then head to the FCE English module. Those interested in English for business contexts should try the Business English Wikibook.


  1. About
  2. Introduction
  3. Words:
    1. Articles
    2. Nouns
    3. Pronouns
    4. Verbs
    5. Adjectives
    6. Adverbs
    7. Prepositions, Conjunctions, and Interjections
    8. Verbals
  4. Sentences:
    1. Sentences Overview
    2. Basic Components
    3. Phrases
    4. Clauses
    5. Fragments and Run-on Sentences
  5. Usage:
    1. Adjective and Adverb Usage
    2. Pronoun Usage
    3. Subject-verb Agreement
    4. Verb Usage
  6. Punctuation:
    1. Punctuation - to be merged
    2. End Marks
    3. Commas
    4. Apostrophes
    5. Quotations
    6. Other Common Punctuation Marks
    7. Less Common Typographical Marks
  7. Other key topics:
    1. Time and Date
    2. Capitalization
    3. Spelling
    4. Figures of Syntax
    5. Syntax
    6. Orthography - to be merged
  8. Appendices:
    1. Conversation Pieces
    2. Glossary
    3. Q&A
    4. External Resources

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