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Enrique Arancibia is a former Chilean DINA agent, who resided in unofficial exile in Buenos Aires after the assassination of Chilean Army Chief of Staff René Schneider on October 25, 1970. He was arrested by Argentine intelligence officers shortly after the extradition of Michael Townley to the US, and charged of espionage [1]. His life sentence for the 1974 assassination of General Carlos Prats in Buenos Aires was upheld in an Argentine court in August 2004, the court thereby ruling that crimes against humanity do not have a statutory limit in Argentina, including those committed during the so-called "Dirty War"[2][3] Michael Townley was also involved in Carlos Prats' assassination [4].

Furthermore, Arancibia was sentenced in 2004 by an Argentine court for the kidnapping of two Chilean women in Buenos Aires, among whom Laura Elgueta, who was later charged of communication for the ex-Minister of Defence Vivianne Blanlot.[3][5].

Declassified documents of the FBI suggest that Arancibia had also been in conctact with Italian neo-fascist terrorist Stefano Delle Chiaie[6].

Arancibia was freed under parole in July 2007, after nearly 12 years of prison [5]. However, the Prats case in Chile, investigated by the magistrate Solis, is still underway.


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