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Entente, meaning a diplomatic "understanding," may refer to a number of agreements:


  • The Entente cordiale, 1904 between France and the United Kingdom
  • The Anglo-Russian Entente, 1907 between the United Kingdom and Russia
  • The terms The Entente, The Triple Entente, The Entente Powers, and The Entente Forces also refer (informally) to the Allies of World War I, that is, powers opposed to the Central Powers in World War I
  • The Little Entente, 1920 to 1938 between Czechoslovakia, Romania, and the Kingdom of Yugoslavia
  • The Baltic Entente, 1934 to 1939 between Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia
  • The Conseil de l'Entente, 1959 between Côte d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Benin, Niger, and (in 1966) Togo


  • The Entente Florale, an international competition recognising European municipalities and villages for excellence in horticultural displays

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