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Enyimba City
—  City  —
A street in Aba
Nickname(s): Enyinmba
Aba is located in Nigeria
Location in Nigeria
Coordinates: 5°07′N 7°22′E / 5.117°N 7.367°E / 5.117; 7.367
Country  Nigeria
State Abia State
Population (2005)
 - Total 897,613
 - Ethnicities Igbo
 - Religions Christianity, traditional

Aba is a city in Abia State, southern Nigeria, located on the Aba River. As of 2005 it had a population of 897,613.



Originally settled by the Ngwa Clan of the Igbo people, the current location of the city is based on land conceded to the British crown by the Eziukwu - Aba community. It eventually became an administrative center of Britain's colonial government. Aba has been a major commercial center since it became part of the old Eastern region. In 1901, the British founded a military post in Aba; in 1915, a railroad was constructed to link it to Port Harcourt. This transported agricultural goods such as palm oil and palm kernels[1]; in 1929, it was the site of revolt by women historically known as "The Aba Women Riot", in protest of colonial taxation policy.[2] In 1967 during the height of Nigerian-Biafran War, the capital of the short-lived secessionist state of Biafra was moved to Aba from Enugu as Nigerian troops advanced into Biafra. The city of Aba has a current population estimate of one and a half million. [3] It is surrounded by oil wells which separate it from the city of Port Harcourt, a distance of about 30 km; a 30 kilometer pipeline powers Aba with gas from the Imo River natural gas repository[1]. Physically it is well connected, with roads leading to it from Port Harcourt, Owerri, Umuahia, Ikot Ekpene, and Ikot Abasi[1].


The people of aba have suffered a lot of social injustice and marginalization by the government of the day. First, the city was neglected by Ukpabi Asika who was the governor of the then Eastern State. Next were successive military administrators and governors who fared a bit better than Asika. In the 1980s when Aba was placed in Imo state, Governor[Sam Mbakwe] was hailed as a saviour[citation needed]. He significantly improved the city's infrastructure, constructing schools and roads that are still being used over 20 years later. Unfortunately, since the city became part of the newly created state of Abia, the new political machinery of Orji uzor and his mother, and the subsequent imposition of the present Governor in the person of T. A. Orji has reduced the city to the worst state of dilapidation. The roads are some of the worst in the country[citation needed], there is relatively no infrastructure in the state to justify huge allocations from the Federal Government, as well revenue generated from the City of Aba itself. This revenue is quite large considering the commercial status of the city, garbage has taken over the city streets and illegal property levies have been imposed against residences[citation needed].The Government of the day is not focused, and the lack of an urban expansion plan for the city is not helping matters. The corruption of the current political hegemony dominating and strangling the city has continued the history of neglect to this day. Despite the lack of a state and federal developmental presence, the city has endured and thrived on its own. Unemployment is at its highest level, with dilapidated hospitals and schools, crime, school drop-outs and general discontent are at their highest levels since the colonial era[citation needed]. With the former governor and his associates indicted for embezzlement of millions of dollars[citation needed] meant for the improvement of the state, many residents have argued that if a small portion of the loot had been invested in the local industries, many of the youth of Aba will have jobs and education instead of a life of crime and hopelessness.[citation needed].


Aba is a commercial city of international repute featuring a high concentration of small scale industries — and a number of sizable markets including the famous Ariaria market. It is very densely populated and has a high ratio of artisans in its population. Aba is nicknamed "Enyimba City" which means Elephant city. Administratively,the city falls into two local government areas namely: Aba North and Aba South. Aba North has its headquarters at Eziukwu-Aba, while Aba South has its headquarters at Aba Town Hall. Aba business men and women are very industrious and pride themselves as the Taiwan of Africa. Indigenous industrialists manufacture the following without government assistance: shoes, clothing, hand bags, paper, nail and steel, furniture household items, luggage, building materials, soft-drinks(soda), etc. Dominating this commercial city are the Abiriba people who introduced importation and helped made Aba an international city that it is. With all the commercial success of Aba city, it could definitely rival the great China, Singapore and many other emerging markets if the federal government will be kind enough to declare the city A Free Trade and support its export initiatives and budding industries with petrol dollars. Aba is ranked as one of the richest city in Nigeria and in Africa, economy of Aba is growing every day, ABa has a lot of manufacturing industries and big market called Ariaria international Market and Ahia oho and also a big electronics market called Pound Road. Aba economy is booming day by day. Aba people is so prosperous and creative. Aba is known as China of Africa because of creativity, there is no material which Aba people can not produce.




The city has played a lasting role in the Christian evangelism of the Southeast of Nigeria since the British brought the Church Missionary Society (CMS), an evangelism vehicle of then Church of England used to plant what today has become the Anglican Church of Nigeria. St. Michael's Cathedral Anglican Church might have been the first church in the city, founded in the late 1920s although St. James on the city edge (Asa Road) is the oldest church with various other Anglican church following. Most of the Primary and Secondary Schools mentioned above were founded by the CMS along with each of their Churches.

The Catholic Church was to follow and also created many churches; St. Joseph Cathedral, which for a long time was the biggest church in the city became its bishop's seat. Like the Anglican church, the Catholic Church attached schools to their churches with St. Joseph Girl Secondary School being of the best schools in the city.

With the arrival of the Pentecostal brand of Christianity (the evangelicals) in Nigeria, the city got an enormous share for itself. The Assemblies of God Church, being among the earliest, the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, etc had massive following in the early 1980s.The arrival of African Gospel church brought a lot of development and redemption to Ngwa people. African Gospel church was found by most Bishop Ogudoro the Founder of African Gospel church. African Gospel church is divided into 10 districts. The prosperous church has a lot of Pastors, Evangelist, Leaders, Elders, Mothers, choir, and one Bishop. The present Bishop of African Gospel church is Bishop Uzoaru (2009). African Gospel church pastors Is as Follows: Rev pastor christian Nwogu, Pastor Clement Ogudoro, Late pastor Nwokoma the father of Evangelist Njike Nwokoma. Senior Rev R. S. Amaike is the senior pastor of African Gospel Church. Rev R. S. Amaike and his family have contributed a lot for the development of African Gospel Church.

In the late 1960s, a group of Nigerians discovered information on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and established branches [1], but the Utah based church did not establish any official presence until the late 1970s when blacks were allowed to hold priesthood authority [2]. Now the city of Aba has several congregations and a temple, only one of three on the African continent.


There is a significant number of Igbo traditionalists in Aba who practice what is known as Odinani.


Over 40,000. The Igbo Jews are members of the Igbo people of Nigeria who practice Judaism and are said to be descended from North African or Egyptian Hebraic and later Israelite migrations into West Africa. Oral legends amongst the Igbo state that this migration started around 1,500 years ago


Muslims and mosques are also present in Aba; the largest mosque is the Hospital Road Mosque. A Chief Imam is resident among the Hausa-peaking settlement in the heart of the city itself. the mosque is no longer in existence since 1999.


Public Primary schools

Some of the well known primary schools include:

  • Aba-Owerri Road Primary School
  • Constitution Crescent (Santa Maria) Primary School
  • Cameroun Barracks Primary School
  • Golf Course Primary School
  • St Bridget Primary School
  • Abayi Umuocham Primary School
  • Ndoki Road Primary School
  • Danfodio Road Primary School
  • Ehere Road Primary School
  • Azikiwe Road Primary School
  • Tenant Road Primary School
  • Market Road Primary School
  • Cameroun Road Primary School
  • Hospital Road Primary School
  • Okigwe Road Primary School
  • Omuma Road Primary School

The city has well over 90 primary schools, most running two sections of morning and afternoon. These sections, which are individual schools by themselves, operate 07:30Hrs - 12:30Hrs and 12:30Hrs - 17:30Hrs, all local time.

Secondary schools

There are also a number of well known secondary schools like:

  • (Igbo) National High School (Very successful in sporting events and have groomed many stars).
  • Ngwa High School
  • Girls' Technical College
  • Sacred Heart College Eziukwu Aba (SAHACO)
  • Eziama High School
  • Wilcox Memorial Comprehensive Secondary School, Ogbor hill Aba)
  • Community Girls Secondary School
  • Secondary Technical School
  • Nigerian Christian Seminary School
  • Boys Technical College [BTC]
  • Girls High School, Ogbor Hill.
  • Ninlan Demonstration Secondary School.
  • Ovom Girls High School, Ovom
  • Nneise Community Secondary School, Umuezu.
  • St. Joseph College Aba
  • Iheorji Secondary School Aba
  • Osusu Secondary School Aba

Private schools

There are also numerous private schools, including:

  • Premier International Secondary School
  • Evangel Seminary
  • Dority International Secondary School (Hosts SAT and Toefl Exams for foreign colleges)
  • St Bridget High School
  • Living Word Academy Secondary, Abayi, Aba.
  • D-nals middle school,opobo Rd Aba.
  • Presbyterian secondary school,Ehere.Aba.
  • Awesome Internationa Model Secondary School, Abayi Aba.
  • Infotech Demonstration School Aba.
  • stella maris secondary school aba.
  • merit base international Christian school aba
  • St. Joseph College Aba

Tertiary schools

The tertiary schools are:

  • Abia State University (ABSU)
  • Abia State University Teaching Hospital
  • Abia State Polytechnic
  • Covenant Polytechnic
  • School of Health Technology
  • Redemtion College of Education (privately owned)
  • Rhema University,Aba Take-off site(also privately owned by Living Word Ministries)
  • Infotech College of Technology (privately owned)
  • Cyberspot Institute of Information Technology (Privately owned)
  • Living Word Institute of Information Technology (Privately owned)
  • Micheal Okapara University of Agriculture Umudike (MOUAU)


Aba has a number of hospitals including Abia State University Teaching Hospital, Wimpole Clinic, Horstman Hospital and a number of private hospitals.

Seventh-Day Adventist Health Center, Omoba Road, Aba.


Aba is served by a station and a halt (mini station) on Nigerian Railways. Aba is also a major hub for road transport in the region - a large number of transport companies operate coaches that transport people daily to various parts of the country. The city is second only to Onitsha in mass transportation daily volume in the eastern part of Nigeria. Other modes transportation used are motorcyclists, generally called Okada (the name being derived from an old airline, "Okada Air"

Seventh-Day Adventist Health Center, Ogbor Hill, Aba. Aba was famous for private health care as many private hospitals with vast majority of the doctors working in the private health care segment during 70s and80s was the centre for eastern Nigeria. It was famous for eye hospitals and opticals. There was UNO'S Hospital and Niger hospitals basically handled the cataract operations and gave vision to many in east of Nigeria.


Enyimba International Football Club of Aba, popularly called “The Peoples Elephant”, is the town's most popular football club. Enyimba FC's entire winning track-record is the richest among all Nigerian football clubs. With 2 CAF Champions League Trophies, and a number of trophies, won locally, the club is currently ranked 2nd in the CAF Club Rankings.

DR Reddys from india more specially one Dr Mahipal from asia has done tremendous health care work during 1982 to1987 by giving health care,vaccinations.catract surgery health education and awareness to the people .he trained many nigerian doctors and aba become centre for eye operations


The city of Aba is up and coming in the area of muxic with players of different indigenous band groups and outstanding players such as Keyboard- Stanley{stan piano groove}, Akachi {Jazz Priest}, Onyema{Gospel Bishop} Drums- Abraham{Suture} Promise Hills, Timipiere{Timaya}, Ifeanyi{paradiddle 'ik'} Guitar- Chuks CPM, Bass Guitar- Obed{Aka Nkwu}, Victor{Wooten} and other up and coming ones. Onyema Chuku{Gospel Bishop} is recently going into Jazz piano


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Coordinates: 5°07′N 7°22′E / 5.117°N 7.367°E / 5.117; 7.367

  • Enyimba, which means "People's Elephant" in Igbo and is the nickname for the city of Aba.
  • There is also a footballclub with that name.


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