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This article is about the Greek deity Enyo. See Bellona (goddess) for her better-known Roman counterpart.

Enyo (pronounced /ɨˈnaɪ.oʊ/ i-NYE-oh[1] Greek: Ἐνυώ, English translation: "warlike") in Greek mythology, was an ancient goddess of war, acting as a counterpart and companion to the war god Ares. She is also identified as his sister, and daughter of Zeus and Hera[2], in a role closely resembling that of Eris; with Homer (in particular) representing the two as the same goddess. She is also accredited as the mother of Enyalius, a minor war god, by Ares[3]. However, the name Enyalius can also be used as a title for Ares himself.

As goddess of war, Enyo is responsible for orchestrating the destruction of cities, often accompanying Ares into battle[4], and depicted "as supreme in war" [5]. During the fall of Troy, Enyo inflicted horror and bloodshed in the war, along with Eris, and Phobos ("Fear") and Deimos ("Dread"), the two sons of Ares[6]. She was also connected to the Roman goddess of war, Bellona, and the Anatolian goddess Ma.

At Thebes and Orchomenos, a festival called Homolôïa was celebrated in honour of Zeus, Demeter, Athena and Enyo was said to have received the surname of Homoloïus from Homoloïs, a priestess of Enyo.[7] A statue of Enyo, made by the sons of Praxiteles, stood in the temple of Ares at Athens.[8] Among the Graeae in Hesiod[9] there is one called Enyo.



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From Ancient Greek Ἐνυώ (Enuō).

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  1. (Greek mythology) Goddess of violent war, acting as a counterpart and companion to the war god Ares. Identified with Bellona in Roman mythology.


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