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Epic Gilgamech
Epic Gilgamech himself.
ikkitousen robotto
(Robotic Warrior)
Genre Adventure, Science fiction, Historical fiction
TV anime
Director Noborou Takashi
Studio Allopatric Studios
Network Japan Fuji TV
Original run February 3, 1974July 12, 1974
Episodes 6
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Epic Gilgamech (Ikkitousen Robotto ?, lit. "Robotic Warrior") first broadcast on television in Japan 1974. The story is considered to be a cross between the Epic of Gilgamesh and Astro Boy, and many consider this anime's first foray into "parody".

Epic Gilgamech was received poorly by critics, and was canceled after only six episodes. Today, it is mainly remembered for its poor English translation, and is the source of many Internet catchphrases.



The plot loosely follows that of the Epic of Gilgamesh, with the main twist being that it is set in the year 2042, and Gilgamesh is a robot warrior named "Epic Gilgamech". Epic Gilgamech fights evil robotic monsters and scientific geniuses. His robot dog, Enkidu-bot, is his only companion.

Trouble is hinted at during episode five, Robot Stress Battle Time, when Enkidu-Bot and Epic Gilgamech begin to wear on each others' nerves. However, this plot line is not developed fully before the cancellation of the series.


Epic Gilgamech is the main character. A robot programmed with the intellect and attitude of Gilgamesh himself, he seeks to rid the planet of evil.

Enkidu-bot is Gilgamech's robotic dog. He can talk and frequently delves into ethical concerns about Gilgamech's activities. His catchphrase while doing so is, "Your actions are morally reprehensible!".

Anubius is Gilgamech's creator and head of O.G. Institute, the former-accounting-firm-turned-robot-construction-facility. His bushy white beard and desire to better mankind are his key attributes.

Ishtar-san is Gilgamech's co-creator and mentor. A loving female human intern working under Anubius, she seeks to teach Gilgamech that there is more to life than crushing and destroying. She is crushed and destroyed by Gilgamech in Episode 2, Robot Stress Matricide Time.


Courage is a main theme of the Epic Gilgamech saga. There are numerous times where the comically cowardly side-kick, Enkidu-Bot, will tremble from some adversary of Gilgamech with one of his many classic catchphrases - "This is not good, this is definitely not good!". Gilgamech invariably saves the day and Enkidu-Bot will pretend he was courageous all along.

Crushing and Destroying are also key ideas behind the philosophy of Gilgamech, as these are his primary functions.


"Crush! Destroy!" - Epic Gilgamech, Epic Gilgamech, Episode 2 - "Robot Stress Matricide Time"

"O.G. Rep!" - Anubius, Epic Gilgamech, Episode 1 - "Robot Stress Existential Patriarchy Situation"

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