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The Equipment of the United States Armed Forces can be subdivided into: ammunition, weapons, vehicles and attire.



Name Type Branches Notes Picture
Individual weapons
M16 rifle Assault rifle all
M4 carbine Assault rifle all
M9 pistol Semi-automatic pistol all
M249 LMG Light machine gun Army, Marines
M240 MMG Medium machine gun all
USAF M240B.jpg
M2 HMG Heavy machine gun all
Machine gun M2 1.jpg
Vehicle weapons
M61 Six-barrelled Gatling gun all



Aerospace vehicles

Name Type Branches Quantity[1] Notes Picture
A-10 Thunderbolt II Attack Aircraft Air Force 250
A-10 Thunderbolt II In-flight-2.jpg
AV-8B Harrier II Attack Aircraft Marines 118
B-1 Lancer Strategic bomber Air Force 65 To be replaced
B-1B over the pacific ocean.jpg
B-52 Stratofortress Strategic bomber Air Force 85
C-5 Galaxy Cargo Aircraft Air Force 110
C-17 Globemaster III Cargo Aircraft Air Force 185 More planned 205
C17 aircraft alt.jpg
C-130 Hercules Cargo Aircraft Air Force 500
F-15 Eagle Multirole Fighter Air Force 685 Being partially replaced by the F-22
F-15, 71st Fighter Squadron, in flight.JPG
F-16 Fighting Falcon Multirole Fighter Air Force 1,300 To be replaced F-35
F-16 June 2008.jpg
F/A-18 Hornet Multirole Fighter Marines, Navy 980 To be replaced F-35
USMC FA-18 Hornet.JPEG
F-22 Raptor Fighter Aircraft Air Force 150 More planned 187
Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor JSOH.jpg
KC-135 Stratotanker Tanker Aircraft Air Force 530 To be replaced KC-X
P-3 Orion Maritime patrol aircraft Navy 170 To be replaced P-8 Poseidon
T-1 Jayhawk Trainer Aircraft Air Force 179
J-1 Jayhawk.jpg
T-6 Texan II Trainer Aircraft Air Force 337
T-6A Texan II.jpg
T-34 Mentor Trainer Aircraft Navy 230
T-38 Talon Trainer Aircraft Air Force 480
Northrop T-38A Talon USAF.jpg
T-45 Goshawk Trainer Aircraft Navy 218
T-45A Goshawk 03.jpg
OA-10 Thunderbolt II Observation Aircraft Air Force 110
Thunderbolt - Closeup.jpg
RQ-7 Surveillance aircraft Army, Marines 100+
RQ-7B UAV.jpg
RQ-11 Raven Surveillance aircraft Army, Air Force
MQ-1 Predator Combat aircraft Air Force 200
Twuav 13 02.jpeg
AH-1 Attack Helicopter Marines 168 To be replaced AH-1Z Viper
AH-1 Cobra.jpg
AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter Army 750
AH-64D Apache Longbow.jpg
CH-46 Sea Knight Cargo Helicopter Marines 221
USMC CH-46.jpg
CH-47 Chinook Cargo Helicopter Army 450
CH-47 2.jpg
CH-53 Sea Stallion Cargo Helicopter Marines 175
CH-53D Sea Stallion.jpg
EH-60 Electronic-Warfare Helicopter Army 65
HH-60 Pave Hawk Search and Rescue Helicopter Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard 190
HH-65 Dolphin Search and Rescue Helicopter Coast Guard 100
Two coast guard HH-65C Dolphin helicopters.jpg
MH-60 Multi-mission Helicopter Army, Navy 180
MH-60S Sea Hawk.jpg
V-22 Osprey Cargo Helicopter Marines, Air Force 77
Marine V-22 Osprey.jpg
OH-58 Kiowa Observation Helicopter Army 700
OH-58D 2.jpg
SH-60 Seahawk Multi-mission Helicopter Navy 190
TH-57 Sea Ranger Training Helicopter Navy 130
TH57C boat ops.jpg
TH-67 Creek Training Helicopter Army 200
UH-1 Iroquois Utility Helicopter Army, Marines, Air Force 875
UH-60 Black Hawk Utility Helicopter Army 1450
Delta IV Orbital launch vehicle Irrelevant Irrelevant
Delta-4H DSP-23 2.jpg
Global Positioning System Navigation and Timing All 30[2]
GPS Satellite NASA art-iif.jpg

Land vehicles

Name Type Branches Quantity Notes Picture
Land vehicles
HMMWV Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle all 160,000
Humv in difficult terrain.jpg
M939 Truck Truck Army 32,000
FMTV Truck Army 80,000
MTVR Truck Marines 7,500
HEMTT Truck Army, Marines 13,000
Hemtt iraq.jpg
HETS Truck Army
HET tractor.jpg
M113 Armored personnel carrier Army, Marines 6,300
M113A3 side.gif
M1 Abrams Main battle tank Army, Marines 9,000+
M2/M3 Bradley Infantry fighting vehicle Army 6,700
M109 Self-propelled artillery Army, Marines 850
M109A6 Paladin UTARNG 2004 firing.jpg
M119 Howitzer Army
M777 Howitzer Army, Marines 360
M777 howitzer rear.jpg
HIMARS Multiple rocket launcher Army 500
M270 Multiple rocket launcher Army 990
MLRS 05.jpg
AAV Amphibious Assault Vehicle Marines 1,311
USMarines AAV Iraq apr 2004 116 hires.jpg
LAV-25 Armored personnel carrier Marines 1,500
Stryker Armored personnel carrier Army 2,575
Stryker ICV front q.jpg
Avenger Air defense Army, Marines 1,004
Avenger missile.jpg
Patriot Surface-to-air missile Army
Patriot missile launch b.jpg


Name Type Branches Quantity Notes Picture
CVN Nimitz class Aircraft carrier Navy 10
USS Nimitz in Victoria Canada 036.jpg
LHA Tarawa Class Amphibious assault ship Navy 2
USS Saipan LHA-2 amphibious assault ship.jpg
LHD Wasp Class Amphibious assault ship Navy 8
USS Wasp (LHD 1).jpg
LHA America Class Amphibious assault ship Navy 4 Planned
DDG Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer Navy 56 active 6 more planned
USS Arleigh Burke Mediterranean.jpg
FFG Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate Navy 30
USS Oliver Hazard Perry FFG-7.jpg
SSN Los Angeles Class Attack submarine Navy 45
USS Greeneville (SSN-772).jpg
SSN Seawolf Class Attack submarine Navy 3
SSN Virginia Class Attack submarine Navy 5 active 30 Planned
USS New Hampshire;0877813.jpg
SSBN Ohio Class Ballistic missile submarine Navy 14
Ohio-class submarine launches Trident ICBMs (artist concept).jpg


List of current camouflage patterns and uniforms
Branch Camouflage pattern Image Picture
United States Department of the Army Seal.svg
Universal Camouflage Pattern, used for the Army Combat Uniform (ACU). ACU Universal Camouflage Pattern.jpg Army Combat Uniform.jpg
USMC logo.svg
Marine Corps
MARPAT pattern, used for the Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU) in two variants, woodland and desert. MARPAT woodland pattern.jpg MARPAT desert pattern.jpg MARPAT combat.jpg
Navy Working Uniform (NWU). Navy Working Uniform.jpg
Seal of the US Air Force.svg
Air Force
Digitalized tigerstripe, used for the Airman Battle Uniform (ABU). ABU camouflage.jpg USAF Airman Battle Uniform.jpg
United States Coast Guard seal
Coast Guard
Operational Dress Uniform (ODU).
Common uniform for the SOCOM is still in development

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