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Erbil Governorate
—  Governorate  —
Coordinates: 36°11′N 44°2′E / 36.183°N 44.033°E / 36.183; 44.033
Country  Iraq
Capital Arbil
 - Total 15,074 km2 (5,820.1 sq mi)
Population (2009)[1]
 - Total 3,108,681

Erbil Governorate (Arabic: أربيل‎, Kurdish: Hawler, Aramaic: ܐܪܒܝܠ‎) or Erbil Province is one of the constituent governorates of the nation of Iraq, located in the north of the country. It derives its name from the city of Arbil, which is also its capital .

The governorate of Erbil covers an area of 15,074 square kilometers (5,820.1 sq mi) in the north of Iraq, with an estimated population (in 2003) of 1,314,000 people. It is largely populated by Kurds but has a small minority of Assyrians. The governorate is a part of the Kurdistan autonomous region.

The region's economy is largely agricultural with some oil production and was badly affected by the conflict between Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi Kurds, although smuggling in defiance of the United Nations sanctions regime enabled many locals to keep afloat and even to prosper in some cases.

On May 30, 2007, Arbīl was handed over to local Iraqi authorities by Coalition forces as part of a three province handover.


Provincial Government

  • Governor: Nawjad Hadi Mawlood [2]
  • Deputy Governor: Tahir Abdullah

Districts (No)

Cities and Towns

  • Bahirkāh (بهركاه), population 6758
  • Banī Šilāwah Gawrah (بني شلاوة غورة), population 37322
  • Darband (دربند), population 10086
  • Erbīl (اربل), population 1091636
  • Kalkān (كلكان), population 6846
  • Kūnagurk (كونغرك), population 30283
  • Kūsanjaq (كوسنجق), population 15123
  • Maẖmūr (محمور), population 18128
  • Rawāndūz (رواندوز), population 95089
  • Şalāh̨addīn (صلاح الدين), population 18205
  • Šāwīš (شاويش), population 7387
  • Tāiman (تاءمن), population 6143
  • Yāramjah (يارمجة)

Academic establishments

Ishik University is a private university that belongs to Fezalar Educational Institutions in Erbil, Iraq.

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