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"Erection Day"
South Park episode
Jimmy is all set for his date.
Episode no. Season 9
Episode 7
Written by Trey Parker
Original airdate April 20, 2005
Season 9 episodes
South Park – Season 9
March 9, 2005 – December 7, 2005
  1. Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina
  2. Die Hippie, Die
  3. Wing
  4. Best Friends Forever
  5. The Losing Edge
  6. The Death of Eric Cartman
  7. Erection Day
  8. Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow
  9. Marjorine
  10. Follow That Egg!
  11. Ginger Kids
  12. Trapped in the Closet
  13. Free Willzyx
  14. Bloody Mary

Season 8 Season 10
List of South Park episodes

"Erection Day" is episode 132 in the Comedy Central series South Park. Its original airing date was April 20, 2005.

Plot summary

In this episode, Jimmy faces a dilemma because he begins to experience frequent erections (indicated by a jingling sound during the episode) when he is the focus of attention. This makes him afraid to enter the South Park Elementary Talent Show for fear that he would be embarrassed in front of the entire school. He consults Butters, the only kid in town whom he expects would be unlikely to make fun of him. Butters explains to him that if a man's penis is erect, he puts it into a woman's vagina, and it will 'sneeze some milk'. After this, he says, the penis will weaken again. Jimmy concludes that if he doesn't want to get an erection during his performance, he should have intercourse before he goes up. He attempts to arrange a date with a girl from school, with Cartman's help. Jimmy ruins his date when he says, "I am so glad you think so Shauna, because I really want to stick my penis into your vagina." When this ultimately fails, he goes to the red-light district of town (based on a suggestion from Officer Barbrady), looking for sex while at the same time, the Talent Show starts back at school.

While a string of performances occur at the school, Jimmy picks up an obese, STD-riddled prostitute named Nut-Gobbler. The naive Jimmy attempts to woo her by taking her to an Italian restaurant; but her pimp comes in and, thinking she is betraying him, grabs her and goes off to kill her. Jimmy follows after in a car chase. In the end, Jimmy manages to subdue the pimp with his comedy routine, while Nut-Gobbler clubs him on the back of the head. Jimmy then picks Nut-Gobbler up and carries her, with prostitutes on each side applauding, into a building on which the sign reads Ho-Tel.

The program cuts back to the talent show where at the last moment Jimmy hurries onstage at the Talent Show. He begins his routine, but then he suddenly gets another erection. The episode ends with him exclaiming, "You gotta be kidding me," and the credits begin.


Nut-Gobbler's appearance is based on that of Cindy, a hooker who appears in a series of HBO documentaries about prostitution by filmmaker Brent Owens. Indeed, the sequence which introduces Nut-Gobbler is a parody of scenes from Owens' film Hookers at the Point.

The scene where Jimmy is dreaming that the audience is laughing at his erection, during the end, the laughing audience goes into a circling motion, a possible reference to Carrie.

A girl taking part in the talent show performs 'Open Arms' by Journey, apparently to Stan and Kyle's dislike.

Preceded by
The Death of Eric Cartman
South Park episodes Followed by
Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow

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