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Eric the Midget
Born March 11, 1975 (1975-03-11) (age 34)
Rodeo, California

Eric Lynch (born March 11, 1975), better known as Eric the Midget, is a member of The Howard Stern Show's Wack Pack. Lynch is 3 ft 5 in (1.04 m) tall, weighs 85 lb (39 kg; 6.1 st), and uses a motorized wheelchair[1], in addition to various other afflictions. Despite his poor health he claims to have outlived every doctor's prediction for his life expectancy.[2]

In 2007, Lynch was listed at #3 on Something Awful's Big Ten List of Little People, finishing ahead of such notable little persons as Verne Troyer and Jason Acuña. The site described him as "uncommonly angry and possibly even evil."[3]


Medical afflictions

At 3 ft 5 Eric is considered to have dwarfism. Because of his short legs and a club foot he uses a wheelchair to get around. Additionally he suffers from Nevus flammeus nuchae which has given him a "blotchy" red facial complexion (similar to Gorbachev's winestain), and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a disease of the connective tissue, which has given him claw-like hands that Jimmy Kimmel described shaking as "like squeezing a rotten plum."

Because of his small lung capacity due to his short size, Eric is not able to go under anesthesia for long periods of time, and can not get certain corrective surgeries which would cure some of his conditions.

Pre-Stern show life

Lynch was born and raised in Rodeo, California. He has stated that his parents were Republicans who despise Howard Stern.[4] Lynch attended high school at John Swett High School, graduating in 1994. At the age of 31, Lynch moved to his own apartment in Sacramento, California with a roommate named Jon. Eric initially called in on September 19, 2002 to discuss American Idol.[1] Lynch had called to respond to Stern's statements that contestant Kelly Clarkson was not overly attractive.[1] Stern initially talked to Lynch with mild enthusiasm, but after an extended discussion regarding Lynch's unique voice and speaking style, Lynch revealed that he was 3 ft 5 in (1.04 m) tall, which piqued Stern's interest.[1]

The Howard Stern Show

Eric's frequent calls, sometimes multiple times during one show, have made him one of the more prominent members of The Wack Pack. He is likely the most polarizing Wack Packer, as Stern fans tend to either hate or love his arrogant attitude and often mundane, uneventful calls. Many fans also "love to hate" him, Artie Lange recounted that when he introduced Lynch at a San Francisco stand-up performance, the 3,000 audience members in attendance mercilessly booed him for ten minutes straight, having no sympathy for his multiple disabilities; unlike other Wack Packers (even some he described as "criminals") who were always at least initially greeted with applause.[5] Lynch is known to stay on hold for long periods of time, sometimes entire six hour shows, several days in a row; then complain when Stern finally gets along to putting him on the air, not realizing that he is not a priority for the show.

Soundbites of the line "zero point zero" (referring to the number of tickets he had sold for a personal appearance) from the movie, Animal House, alien "ack ack" sound effects from Mars Attacks!, "redrum" from The Shining and the Doctor Who theme song are played during Eric's calls to make fun of him. [6]

Eric has made one in-studio appearance on November 3, 2008 alongside two prostitutes from the Bunny Ranch. Also present were Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines, wrestler Kurt Angle and Diana DeGarmo (whom he met in exchange for being measured for a RealDoll). DeGarmo laughed at a few jokes at her own expense and politely declined a dinner request, saying her boyfriend wouldn't like it.[7]


Eric does not have a stable job in which he receives a regular paycheck; he is supported by his parents as well as Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Although he has capitalized upon his modest level of fame (Artie Lange has joked that he is a "G-List Celebrity") by holding personal appearances and opening an online store where he sells autographs and personal phone calls which have become fairly popular amongst Stern fans, he unknowingly made a personal phone call to Howard Stern himself as a Christmas gift. Eric has tried for various career paths unrelated to The Howard Stern Show, most of which he gives up on or exaggerates his success.

Television actor

Stern helped Lynch land a guest starring role on one of his favorite television shows, American Dreams in a brief scene with Daphne Zuniga where he portrays a wheelchair-using little person referred to as "Eric." Lynch is frequently prodded on the Stern show for expressing only limited gratitude for the favor at first. Since this guest role, Lynch has requested to be referred to as "Eric the Actor" due to his offense at the term "midget;" though he apparently has no qualms about insulting others' physical appearance, sexual orientation, gender, religion, ethnicity or mental handicap. He is rarely called an actor, but was instead jokingly referred to as "Eric the Astronaut" for a time, as he is as much of an astronaut as he is an actor.

Radio host

After many back and forth negotiations, Lynch performed on his own show discussing American Idol on Sirius. The show aired on March 8, 2006 and featured Brian Dunkleman, a former co-host of American Idol as a guest. Dunkleman assumed control from Lynch early in the show and began acting as the show's host. He was later criticized by Howard Stern for doing so, but Dunkleman defended his actions by explaining that the show as hosted by Eric would have been dead air.[8] Some highlights of the show included Richard Christy calling in and asking, "How big is your midget cock?", and a phony Leslie Moonves congratulating Lynch on a great show. Afterwards, Lynch expressed that he felt "set up" due to the quantity of negative calls put through to his show and blamed segment producer Will Murray for this and vowed to never call in to the Stern Show again. Stern and his fans were skeptical, however, because Lynch's final message was "Bye for n.. Goodbye."

On April 6, 2006, Howard Stern noted that Lynch had been sending emails to the show discussing American Idol, but Stern wouldn't read them on the air due to Lynch's self-imposed ban. Lynch was interviewed by the Howard 100 News during the Stern Show's April 2006 vacation and stated that he would only return to the show if Will Murray is fired.[9]

Lynch called in to the Stern Show on May 10, 2006, to make a plea to be included on the show without being called a "midget", having his voice made fun of, or being associated with the Wack Pack. Lynch no longer demanded that Murray be fired, as Murray had since apologized to him. Stern explained that his membership in The Wack Pack is due to his obsession with American Idol, delusions of being able to date various contestants and, most importantly, his lack of self-awareness as opposed to his disability.[10]


On September 12, 2007, Howard opened the show with Eric on the line. Eric stated he was working on a screenplay (which he wanted to get made so he can cast Diana DeGarmo in it and meet her), as well as a children's book about a pug dog helping his master meet the girl of his dreams. The book is currently called "Dougie The Puggie's Holiday Adventure."[11]

On October 24, 2007, Eric the Midget called into the show to read an excerpt from his children's book called "Dougie the Puggie's Holiday Adventure". Earlier in the week, Eric told the show that he would not read from the book because the cast of the show did not deserve to hear it. Over the course of the week, Eric rethought his position and decided not to punish the audience because of the actions of a few. Eric read the passage in his famed breathy croaky voice. In subsequent conversations it was learned that the basic premise of the book is that Dougie the Puggie helps his owner meet and marry American Idol contestant Diana Degarmo. It was pointed out to Eric that this was the first children's book ever written about stalking.

After reading "Dougie the Puggie's Holiday Adventure", Lynch admitted to the staff that he has been working on a screenplay for himself, as well as his long time crush, Dianna DeGarmo. Stern offered to produce one of Eric's screenplays, describing Lynch's writing style as "a cross between Edward Albee and an earthworm," under the condition that he would be starring. He was initially offered by Howard to write an "Ocean's Eleven-type action movie", Lynch rebuffed this saying he'd rather do a Charlie's Angels type movie and that he is only doing this so he can get into both the WGA and SAG.

On December 6, 2007, Eric called once again (while broadcasting on Stickam) to comment on the script he sent to the show. Howard and the crew laughed at Eric's script Eric's Angels as it was a poorly written, obvious rip off of Charlie's Angels (the first line of which was actually "Good morning, Angels!"). Stern was disappointed by the script, as he had requested a script where Eric played "James Bond" and said he would not produce it because of plagiarism.[12]

Modeling agent

On March 19 2008, Eric made his official return to the show. During his call, Eric promoted a contest he was running to find the "hottest stripper alive." According to Eric, the tour will run indefinitely and the winner will receive a seven-year exclusive contract with EMA, his newly formed modeling agency. As part of the terms of the contract, the winning stripper will live either with, or nearby, Eric.[13]

American Idol fandom

A self-styled "expert" on American Idol, Lynch is known for his fandom of the show, particularly winners Kelly Clarkson, and Carrie Underwood, as well as runners-up Diana DeGarmo and Katharine McPhee. Lynch has repeatedly asked Howard Stern to use his influence to get him dates with Clarkson or Underwood, despite the fact that Stern has only a minimal relationship with the show and its cast. Eric also co-hosts his own webcam chat show on American Idol through stickam alongside 2 co-hosts; its content generally consists of extreme technical difficulties, long pauses in between banal descriptions of contestants ("this guy was good," "this guy was bad," etc.) and booting out Stern fans for teasing him (typing in capital letters, asking him to fly with balloons, using phrases like "Ack-Ack," etc.). Stern staffer J. D. Harmeyer dislikes it so much he literally begs Stern not to have to record it.

Lynch's Inches and Balloon stunt

On May 22, 2006, Lynch called the Stern Show and measured his penis in exchange for American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee's phone number. Lynch claimed to measure at just over five inches, and was given McPhee's phone number off air. Lynch was also insulted by "Derek the Midget" voiced by Howard 100 News Staffer Shuli, as well as a frequently played bit by Sal and Richard featuring a fanciful sexual encounter between Lynch and Tabitha Stevens.[14]

McPhee reportedly hates the Stern show now because Lynch had called her too many times, according to Howard Stern, who told Lynch this news during the January 31, 2007, show.

As a result, McPhee refused to record a message for either the Stern show or Lynch when she visited Sirius headquarters on January 30, 2007, according to Howard 100 News.

On June 5, 2006, Lynch called the Stern Show and complained that his parents had read about him measuring his penis on Wikipedia (which he called "Wackipedia") in the article on The Wack Pack. Stern read a paragraph of the article, regarding penis measuring, verbatim on the air. Also, Stern Show producer Gary Dell'Abate commented on the air he and the Stern Show staff enjoy the picture of Lynch in the article. Flustered, Lynch refused to perform any strange tasks to meet Katharine McPhee, including urinating or defecating in a diaper, inserting a ruler or a Sirius satellite receiver into his rectum, submitting to a proctological exam, wearing Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf's old bunny outfit, being vomited on by Richard Christy, being flushed down a toilet, being sent in the mail or holding seven-hundred and fifty helium balloons to see if he would fly (via cluster ballooning).[15]

On June 6, 2006, Eric agreed to sit in a lawn chair while he was lifted up by balloons. Stern told Lynch that either he attach the balloons to his body (not a chair) or he would not be able to meet Katharine McPhee. Stern then noted that perhaps Lynch would be hit by lightning, which could result in the merging of Lynch and the balloon, creating a superhero.[16]

On the next day, Lynch backed out due to new bits being played about him which he found insulting, including a song parody, "Fly Me with Balloons" (to the tune of "Fly Me to the Moon", sung by Sal The Stockbroker with a digital "midget" voice effect) and a prank phone call using recordings of Lynch's voice to a balloon shop. When Stern said one of the bits was great, Lynch responded, "That was not great, you big-nosed retard!"[17]

Lynch continued to call in and was put on the air regularly after that particular feud fizzled out in May 2006. On June 7, 2006, Stern commented that Lynch might be the "King of the Wack Pack".[18]

On June 7, 2006, Howard Stern played a voice mail message on the air indicating that Lynch is "at war" (see His own Sirius show and subsequent feud above) with Stern yet again, due to the constant mockery he had endured on the air recently. Lynch threatened to call Katharine McPhee to warn her not to do the Stern Show. Stern expressed his belief that Lynch will be back and will perform the balloon stunt.[19]

After not calling in for perhaps a handful of days during one of his feuds, Lynch began calling several shows on Howard 100 and Howard 101. In the week beginning with June 18, 2006, Lynch called The Intern Show, Superfan Roundtable and The Friday Show in addition to the Stern Show. He had expressed concern over whether the Little People of America would accept him if he was to perform the "balloon stunt" or a similar stunt. On June 26, 2006 Lynch called the Stern Show, angered by Stern's calm assurance that Lynch would perform the stunt.[20][21]

On May 14, 2007, when Jimmy Kimmel was a guest on the Stern show, he told Eric he could get him in to the American Idol finale, if Eric would do the balloon stunt on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Eric agreed to the deal, but some of the Stern show cast seemed skeptical, and didn't trust him.[22] The following Tuesday it was announced Eric had emailed Jimmy Kimmel Live saying he was unable to follow through with this promise because his handler could not get off work. It was speculated he was afraid to fly with balloons and caused many to want Eric banned from the show, and even from listening to Sirius by canceling his subscription.

Relationship with Johnny Fratto

Eric is good friends with infamous mobster Louis Fratto's son, Johnny Fratto.

In 2007, a caller named Jerry claimed to have attended high school with Eric and stated that a number of disruptive concessions, such as the construction of ramps and elevators, were made by the school to accommodate Eric; he was likely joking or at least exaggerating these claims as he said that the construction noise was distracting. Eric called Johnny, and left a voice mail at 1:30 AM instructing him to track down the caller, ending his message with "You know what to do. You know what to do."[23]

When Fratto played the message on the Stern show, Eric called in and claimed he just wanted Fratto to find the guy and make him call back and apologize, and that he didn't want any harm done to him. The cast laughed hysterically at the messages, with Artie Lange noting that Lynch's moniker "Eric The Midget" is similar to mafia nicknames such as "Sammy The Bull" or "Vinnie The Chin". [24]

Johnny served as Eric's partner in his failed attempt at a modeling agency, and a daily webcam of Eric is hosted on Johnny's site


Eric is frequently at odds with The Howard Stern Show, its callers and its guests. At numerous times he has left the show only to come back.

Leaving the show

On June 26, 2007, Eric wrote a letter to Howard Stern detailing reasons why he will never call into the show again. His main topic of offense was Howard's "mockery" of the Chris Benoit murder-suicide. Eric took this as highly offensive and vowed never to ever call the Howard Stern Show again. In reaction to this, Howard then banned Eric forever from calling in to either of Howard's Sirius channels. In a MySpace blog entry Eric vowed to continue to stay in the public eye by posting blogs to MySpace and videos on instead of calling in to the show.

On July 2, 2007, Howard 100 news reporter Shuli revealed that Lynch broke his promise to refrain from calling the show and contacted the news department in regards to a photograph of him posted on Shuli's MySpace account. Lynch was outraged at the fact that the picture was made public (and his picture on Wikipedia) and that Stern Fan Network members were manipulating it using Adobe Photoshop.

On September 11, 2007, Eric, by way of Johnny Fratto, once again contacted the Stern show. Eric used Fratto's answering machine to leave a message threatening that Stern would be in "hot water" if he didn't refrain from interfering with either Eric's personal or business affairs. This rant was brought on by Howard 100 News correspondent Steve Langford, who uncovered phone calls that Eric had been making to the mother of American Idol runner-up Diana DeGarmo. To clear things up Johnny Fratto got Eric on the phone via conference calling, and Eric explained that he had been calling Mrs. DeGarmo "no more than twice a day" in hopes of being able to meet her daughter. Eric denied that his call through Fratto counted as calling into the show.[25]

On February 27, 2008, Eric the Midget held a press conference, where he stated he would no longer be the Stern Show's "punching bag", and he would no longer do the show. Howard played the press conference, and referred to Eric the Midget as a genius who knows how to suck people off. The press conference was filled with expletive language. Eric stated that he felt he could be sincere about staying off the show this time, for good, because he now has the support of Johnny Fratto and Kendra. Eric the Midget said "Goodbye for good" though Howard said Eric would be back. Crazy Alice called in and stated that she felt "Eric the Actor" owed everything to Howard.

Eric however, subsequently made an appearance on the Stern Show on March 13 2008, when Johnny Fratto called into the show with Eric on the line. Eric hung up several times during the day, but eventually apologized to Howard for being deceitful and for stating (and continuing to assert) that he would never be a part of the show again, even while on the air. His excuse for calling in was that "Johnny had dialed the phone."

Stern Fan Network

Like the Stern show itself, Eric has been a member of and left, the internet forum of the website Stern Fan Network on numerous occasions.

During a July 16, 2008 Howard 100 News update, Steve Langford announced that he had 3 sources stating that Eric had been visiting Stern Fan Network claiming to be a seven foot tall, tattooed Texan named "Romeo Blues" (a pseudonym previously used by Lenny Kravitz). Eric denied the accusations, angrily demanding that Langford name his sources, which he refused. When it was revealed that all the posts were "wildly supportive" of Eric, one of which included his frequently used phrase "drop dead, you pile of shit;" he conceded that he would e-mail "Romeo Blues" who would post them under his name.[26] The following day, he admitted to using the screen name, while maintaining that Langford's report was incorrect as he had not opened the account. He said that he utilized Stern Fan Network "as fuel to get pissed off," as Howard tended to give him more airtime when he called in angry.[27]

Natalie Maines

After his first in-studio visit, he would complain that Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines' (who had flown in especially to see him) commenting that the prostitutes were exploiting him for publicity ruined his relationship with them, as they refused to give him complimentary sex afterwards. Stern and his staff pointed out to him that Maines was likely correct, as they relied upon paying customers for a living, therefore only affording a limited number of free partners, which Eric firmly rejected. On November 18, Eric announced a list of demands from Natalie including among other things an apology, a guest spot on Heroes (on which her husband is a cast-member), a number one hit country song for him to record and oral sex; the staff laughed at him, insinuating that it was incredibly unlikely that Maines would agree to any of his requests. [28] He called in the following day adding the act of sodomizing Maines to his list of demands, which Stern theorized was probably physically impossible for him to do. This resulted in more negative e-mail about Eric than usual, even the few listeners who were normally amused by Eric's frequent calls were repulsed by these statements. [29]

Personal life


In January 2008 Eric was claiming that he had met a girl named Kendra online through Johnny Fratto, and despite never meeting in person, she was his girlfriend.[30] Kendra is a softcore web cam model with her own paysite.[31] Howard thought that Kendra was just using Eric to promote her site, and tried to get Kendra to call in, but Eric boasted that she would never call in to the show.[32] After a week of continuing to boast that she would never call in, the show got Kendra on the phone. When asked whether she was really Eric's girlfriend she simply said that she's a girl and she is his friend, Eric is a boy and he's her friend.[33]

When the call was over, Stern and the crew then taunted Eric since Eric said there was "no chance in hell" that she would be on the show. Despite being bested, Eric refused to admit that she had been on the show and Howard compared him to a Holocaust denier.[34]

It was around this time that Howard began playing recordings of Eric's voice spliced together (most likely created by Richard Christy and/or Sal the Stockbroker) during his calls to the show for humorous effect. Frequently, Stern will rhetorically ask Eric what he would like to be called, since he dislikes the nickname Eric the Midget, and then play an edited-together response ("Eric the Retarded Midget," "Eric the Shitty Penis," "Eric the Loser," "Eric the Asshole," "Eric the Pathetic, Chicken Shit, Lame Ass, Loud Mouth, Defensive, Stupid, Annoying, Screwed Up, Retarded, Gay Jackass;" "Eric the Major Cock" and others) as well as full nonsensical sentences (for example, "I butt-fuck Japanese male gymnasts"). This, combined with Fred Norris's playing the Doctor Who theme as well as sound effects from the movies The Shining and Mars Attacks! (which resemble Eric's voice), has become one of the more popular bits on The Howard Stern Show.

On February 15, 2008, Steve Langford, of Howard 100 News, began a series of investigative reports on a figure known only as "Paul," who claims to be a former associate of Johnny Fratto. In the first report, Paul claimed to be a co-conspirator, of sorts, in what he described as a "sham" to dupe Eric into believing that Kendra was in fact Eric's girlfriend. Paul claimed to have been emailed, text-messaged, and called by Kendra who expressed her discomfort with the fake relationship; Paul was encouraged by Fratto to ensure Kendra would continue to play along.

In a conference telephone call on the Howard Stern Show on February 25, 2008 with all of the parties, Howard Stern, Jimmy Kimmel, Eric the Midget, Kendra, Johnny Fratto, Steve Langford and others, Eric the Midget stated that the relationship with Kendra was not fake, he even swore on this life of his mother, that the relationship was genuine. Eric the Midget then acknowledged and told Kendra that he has decided he wanted to "play the field", after a stripper made advances to him, which he acknowledged aroused him. Eric told Kendra that he was interested in seeing other women, and that their relationship was "over". Artie Lange then offered to go out with Kendra.[35]

However, on February 26, 2008 Eric called back to say he hadn't really broken up with Kendra and that the events of the 25th were “faked” to get the show “off her back.” Howard said Eric should change his name to “Eric the Liar,” but Eric insisted he hadn't been lying – he was “acting.” Eric said he would never go on the show again.[36] Eric made his return to the show about two hours later, and he clarified that the breakup was a fake, but the relationship was real. Shortly after this Eric announced that he and Kendra were in fact no longer together.


Howard announced on September 25, 2008 that he had been offered a free, custom-made RealDoll, a life-like sex toy that normally sells for around $10,000. The staff and fan-base debated for several minutes on who it should be modeled after and, as soon as Eric's name came up, he let it be known that he was vehemently opposed to such a creation. [37] His extreme reluctance made the staff increasingly interested in using him for the RealDoll. When he threatened legal action, lawyer Dominic Barbra informed that the doll would be "fair satire" and therefore legal. Eric mentioned that Johnny Fratto told him that the ruling of the case "Bergen vs. McCarthy" resulted in his being unable to sue. Unaware he was being made fun of, the cast mentioned that he might also want to look into "Henson vs. Miss Piggy" and laughed at him. Howard proposed that, if they were to profit from the RealDoll in any way (such as renting it out, etc.) they would pay him royalties. Eric remained reluctant after this, so Artie Lange said that if the RealDoll would be made, he wouldn't pursue any legal action from Eric's sale of their photograph together. However, Eric remained opposed to their making the RealDoll.[38]

The Bunny ranch

Johnny Fratto and Eric called in on October 14 to announce that Eric had lost his virginity to prostitutes at The Bunny Ranch the previous weekend. They had apparently not charged him for their services, one of the women called in, said it was "fun" and that Eric had a large penis for a little person,[39] though a Bunny Ranch employee would later compared their reaction to him as "the death march to Auschwitz."[40] In a call the following week, Eric revealed that his parents had read of his visiting prostitutes on Stern Show archive website MarksFriggin and threatened to cut him off from their support as he is "starting to become an embarrassment to the family," to which Artie Lange sarcastically replied "starting?" [41]

Eric visited The Bunny Ranch on New Year's Eve where he would have sex with legendary prostitute Air Force Amy. Soon afterwards, photographs of a nude Amy in bed with Eric wearing only a Kelly Clarkson tee-shirt (although his genitals are not visible) would be posted to The Bunny Ranch's website. Lynch complained on The Stern Show that his parents, who had since calmed down about his visiting The Bunny Ranch, were upset that he posed for such photos. He demanded that Stern apologize for publicizing the photos, to which Stern quickly refused, explaining that if he didn't want the photos posted to the Internet then he shouldn't have taken them in the first place. [42]

In popular culture

Eric has been on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kimmel is a personal friend of Stern's and a huge fan of Eric's; saying that, earlier that week he produced the video I'm Fucking Ben Affleck, and he was more excited to meet with Eric than he was with major movie stars Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, and Cameron Diaz. Additionally, he was the subject of a portrait painted with the genitals of nude artist "Pricasso" in a Funny Or Die video [43] and he was referenced in a Howard Stern sketch in the Frank TV episode, "Frank 2, Electric Boogaloo."[44] He was also featured on an episode of TMZ.[45]

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