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Erica Farrell
Degrassi Junior High
Degrassi High
First appearance Kiss Me Steph (Degrassi Junior High episode no. 101)
Last appearance Father Figure Part 1 (Degrassi: The Next Generation episode no. 301)
Portrayed by Angela Deiseach
Date of birth 1974
Occupation Degrassi Student 1987-1991
Family Heather Farrell (Twin)

Erica Farrell is a fictional character from Degrassi Junior High. She was portrayed by Angela Deiseach. Erica's twin sister, Heather, was portrayed by Angela's twin, Maureen Deiseach.


Degrassi Junior High


Finding herself

Erica was getting annoyed by constantly being mistaken as Heather she decided to be different. That night while modeling the dress she'd wear to the dance, Heather walked in wearing the same one. Erica quickly changed and Heather said that it's fun to dress alike. However Erica told Heather to grow up and to be more than a twin.

The kiss and mono scare

That same night, Erica danced with a high schooler who sneaked into the Dance named Aaron, they walked out of the dance and Erica complained about Heather. Aaron later used cheesy pick up lines, which Erica fell for. They ended up kissing passionately, which Heather ended up seeing. When Erica told Heather about it, she revealed that they were French kissing, an idea that repulsed Heather.

The next day Erica said she had a sore throat and had a fever. Her health project partner, Alexa pointed out that those were the symptoms of Mono. Erica was later in bed sick, when Aaron arrived to take Erica for a drive, Heather heard the things Erica said about her and she went with him. While on the drive, Aaron kissed Heather. Heather told Erica and they went to the doctor, neither girl had mono. Erica had tonsillitis and Heather had sympathy pains.

Switching places

When Erica read her horoscope, it said that she would fall in love and she did, with an 11th grader named Clutch. She had Heather ask Clutch what his birth sign was, Clutch later mistook the question and asked Heather out to a charity bowling day, she gave the date to Erica. Erica had a dentist appointment in the middle of it, so the twins worked out that they would switch places, when Heather got there she saw that Clutch was more interested in Lucy.

Degrassi High


Over the summer Erica was involved with a boy named Jason, after a short time of dating she lost her virginity to him. He ended up breaking her heart. When school began she was sick every morning. She confided in Heather that she thought she was pregnant, they bought a home test and it turned up negative. Even though the test was negative she still hadn't gotten her period, she bought another one and it was positive. She didn't tell anyone including Heather. In class they were talking about abortion and Heather said it was murder as did other people. She left school for the rest of the day and went to an abortion clinic. She booked an abortion and told Heather and asked if she would go with her. On the day of the abortion she was approached by Pro-Life protesters and told not to go in. At that very moment Heather came and helped through the crowd of protesters.


Weeks after the abortion Erica had wanted to act as though it never happened, but someone knew her secret. She had posters and graffiti plastered on her locker. She caught Spike's friend Liz putting a flyer on her locker. Erica erupted in rage and tackled Liz to the ground. The fight was broken up by teachers, Liz shouted at Erica that she should be ashamed of herself. Erica shot back saying that it's not easy to do what she did.


Erica began seeing a new boy named Blaine, whom she really liked. However Heather was very disapproving. Blaine reminded Heather of Jason, the boy who got Erica pregnant. At the dance Heather saw the two making out and she ran away crying. At home Heather reminded Erica that if she never had the abortion, she would have had the baby and she wouldn't feel guilty. Erica said she never wanted to go through that again. She recommended that Heather see her counselor.

The rest of high school

Throughout the rest of high school she didn't go through as much drama as last year. She helped with Lucy's School President campaign and helped shoot a music video for "The Zits." After graduation she went to the Dominican Republic to teach English for underprivileged children.

Degrassi: The Next Generation

When Spike is pregnant with Jack, Joey holds a baby shower for her. Erica, along with Heather, attends the baby shower.


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