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Erich Zeigner.

Erich Zeigner (17 February 1886 – 5 April 1949) was Prime Minister of the German state of Saxony during the attempted communist uprising of 1923. After his refusal to capitulate to an ultimatum by then German Chancellor Gustav Stresemann on 27 October 1923 he was replaced by President Friedrich Ebert using the authority of Article 48 of the Weimar constitution.

Briefly the Stressman ultimatum outlined a dismissal of the KPD ministers within Saxony. Zeigner was replaced by a Reich commissioner two days later on 27 October.

After his dismissal as Prime Minister, Zeichner became removed from the political circuit, and refrained from making any public appearances. Zeichner died of natural causes on 5 April 1949. It has been suggested that after his dismissal, fear for his life and the welfare of his family prevented Zeichner from either resisting his dismissal at the time or publicly denouncing the Nazi regime at a later date.


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