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Erin Brown
Born October 16, 1974 (1974-10-16) (age 35)
East St. Louis, Illinois
Other name(s) Misty Mundae
Erin Brown
Sadie Lane
Occupation Film actress, musician, model

Erin Brown (born October 16, 1974) is an American horror film actress, model, filmmaker, and softcore pornographic actress. Brown has starred in over 50 low-budget films, under the names Erin Brown and Misty Mundae.


Film career


Starting at age 23 from 1997 to 2002, Brown worked for a pornographic film company production company called Factory 2000. She signed an exclusive contract with ei Independent Cinema, performing under the stage name Misty Mundae. Due to her waif built and very youthful looks, which became a valuable trademark, she was branded and marketed as an actress who was at least five years younger then her actual age. This was also done in order to market her as a very young star with unusual intelligence and maturity for her age in the interviews and behind the scenes clips in the special features of many of her films. Erin performed in many lesbian erotica and soft porn parody films released under ei's Seduction Cinema division, such as Play-Mate of the Apes, Lord of the G-Strings, Spiderbabe, and The Seduction of Misty Mundae.

She also appeared in a Columbine massacre-inspired B movie, Duck! The Carbine High Massacre in 2000. That same year she traveled to Paris to film the U.S./French co-production Vampire of Notre Dame which was later acquired and distributed by Seduction Cinema under the title An Erotic Vampire in Paris. Brown also wrote, directed, and starred in a 2002 remake of the 1969 film Lustful Addiction (also called Lustful Addiction, although the working title was Lustful Addiction 2002).

Horror films

In 2003, Brown began to perform in low-budget horror films produced by ei Independent Cinema's horror division Shock-O-Rama Cinema, such as The Screaming Dead, Bite Me!, Shock-O-Rama, and Chantal. At the 2006 New Jersey International Film and Screenplay Festival (now the Hoboken International Film Festival), she was nominated for Best Actress, for her role in the psychological thriller Sinful.[1]

In 2004, Brown released her short film Voodoun Blues direct to DVD through Shock-O-Rama Cinema. This film had won an award for best short film at her college film festival. Shortly after this, she sold her interest in the Misty Mundae name to ei Independent Cinema, left that company, and retired from softcore films to pursue mainstream acting.

Working as Erin Brown, Brown then performed in several independent horror films such as Tony Todd's Shadow: Dead Riot, and the film adaptation of Jack Ketchum's The Lost. She starred opposite Angela Bettis in a January 2006 episode of Showtime's Masters of Horror series entitled "Sick Girl".

Brown's success in horror movies was such that an item in Sci Fi Weekly included Misty Mundae on "the list of living horror icons — the ones whose movies you might pay to see or rent, the ones you'd stand in line to shake hands with or to snag an autograph from", along with Robert Englund, Linda Blair, Malcolm McDowell, Elvira, and Jamie Lee Curtis, among others.[2]

Later years

Ei, now Pop Cinema, plans to continue to release previously-filmed softcore films starring Brown as Misty Mundae.[3]

In August 2006, Brown was cast in a major role in The Rage, directed by Robert Kurtzman, which was released on DVD in 2008.[4]

In 2007, Erin Brown had a supporting role in the independent film All Along, a romantic comedy scripted by and starring Bill Page.[5] She also starred in the Polonia brothers film Splatter Beach[6]

In March 2007 she was cast in Dying God, directed by Fabrice Lambot. "Dying God" was her last film shot and was released in France in 2008.

In January 2008, Pop Cinema, now the owner of the Misty Mundae character and name, announced a limited convention tour to promote the release of An Erotic Werewolf in London. Brown appeared as Mundae to greet fans at such shows as the Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors and Chiller Theatre. In July 2008, SCREAMKINGS.COM licensed the Misty Mundae name from Pop Cinema and announced the feature film Sculpture. Sculpture will be the first new feature film to star Brown as Misty Mundae since the 2005-released film Shock-O-Rama.

She is currently appearing in the Cinemax television series Lingerie which was filmed in 2005.[7]


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