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Studio album by Deftones
Recorded April – August 2008
Genre Alternative metal
Label Warner Bros.
Producer Terry Date

Eros (former working title[1]) was to be the sixth studio album by American rock band Deftones, originally set to be released in early 2009,[2] and then delayed to be released in October 2009 due to bassist Chi Cheng currently being in a coma [3] However, by June 2009 Deftones announced on their official web page that the album will be delayed again, and an official release date was not given.



Deftones have been writing the album since late 2007. Vocalist Chino Moreno has described the album as weird, unorthodox, featuring a lot of atmosphere and soundscaping, and having an aggressive style. He has also stated that he won't be contributing on guitar, focusing on vocals alone and leaving guitar duties entirely to Stephen Carpenter. The band started recording the album on April 14 with producer Terry Date, who also produced the band's first four albums, most recently Deftones in 2003.

Moreno has stated that this album will be more up-tempo, as opposed to their recent releases which he describes as mid-tempo - explaining simply that Abe Cunningham has been playing faster. He also referred to the album as being "snappy". Moreno stated in an interview that the process for this album has been more raw and simplified after dissatisfaction with the long and "pieced-together" experience of recording Saturday Night Wrist.[4]

In a recent article in Kerrang! magazine, Chino stated: "The songs are definitely weird, which is a breath of fresh air to me. I haven't been playing guitar on these new songs so Steph [Carpenter] has taken up the helm and that's worked out really well. He's been very creative has been writing very weird, melodic stuff. That's great because I want the album to be as weird as we can possibly make it without completely alienating people. If I had to compare it to any of our records, then I think it probably reminds me of White Pony the most. There's a lot of atmosphere and a lot of soundscaping. I couldn't feel better about it at the moment. In fact, I'd say that our working relationship is better than it's ever been before. As a result, everything has improved, our friendships and our lives. We're all really happy now. Over the last few years, a lot of the band members have had a few problems–divorces, money problems, life–and it has just been an unhappy time. We've all come out of that now. I hate to talk like its all rainbows and sunshine over here, but it is!...Having rediscovered our friendships, everything became worthwhile again. Every day just gets better and better now."[5]

In late 2008, the released in-studio clips on their MySpace blog, which was updated every Friday. The band also debuted one new song live on September 18 in Los Angeles, entitled "Melanie".

On November 3 2008, bassist Chi Cheng was seriously injured in a car accident in Santa Clara, California. Chino Moreno posted on the band's blog, saying, "It deeply saddens me to inform you all that our brother Chi Cheng was involved in a terrible car accident last night. He is currently in a Northern California hospital in serious, but stable condition. I am on my way up north right now to be by his side, along with the rest of our bandmates and family. Chi is one of the strongest people I know, and I'm praying that his strength will get him through this. Please say a prayer for him as well."[6] As a result of the injuries sustained in the crash, Cheng fell into a coma. Following the accident, the band put everything "on-hold" and did not continue to work on the album until early 2009.

In March 2009, Deftones were guests on the radio show Loveline where they announced that the album should be released in October 2009. However, by June 2009, Deftones decided to put Eros aside while they worked on a different new album. The band still plans to release Eros at some point, but currently hopes to focus on a new Deftones album in order to give fans "best Deftones record that [they] can make." It was also noted that pushing back the release date for Eros had nothing to do with Cheng's current condition.[7]

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