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Erotic horror, alternately noted as Dark Erotica, is a term applied to works of horror fiction in which sensual or sexual imagery (or even descriptions of the physical act of sexual intercourse) are blended with horrific overtones or story elements.

Sex has always been a constant in horror -- Frankenstein's metaphors and innuendo; the veiled gothic desire of Dracula; the pulps unquenchable lust for blood and bosoms; Shirley Jackson's repressed sexuality; Anne Rice's sensuous vampires; Clive Barker's sexual imagery. In our culture today, the traditional equation of sex with danger and death is not only metaphorical, but a reality we confront constantly. As an integral horror metaphor or as an explicit evocation -- sex may have become as important to horror as the supernatural.

—Paula Guran, DarkEcho: Sex & Horror

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