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Erwin Lambert

Erwin Hermann Lambert ( December 7, 1909 October 15, 1976) was a master mason,Nazi Party member and member of the SS with the rank of Unterscharführer . He supervised construction of the gassing facilities for the T4 euthanasia program at Hartheim, Bernburg and Hadamar.

Gas chamber at Bernberg, designed by Erwin Lambert

Testimony of SS Unterscharfuehrer Erwin Hermann Lambert in the Sobibor-Bolender Trial, (lead defendant Kurt Bolender) Hagen, Germany September 1965 until December 1966:

"As I mentioned at the beginning, I was in the extermination camp of Jews for about two to three weeks. It was sometime in autumn 1942, but I don’t remember exactly when. At that time I was assigned by Wirth to enlarge the gassing structure according to the model of Treblinka.

I went to Sobibor together with Lorenz Hackenholt, who was at that time in Treblinka. First of all, I went with Hackenholt to a sawmill near Warsaw. There Hackenholt ordered a big consignment of wood for reconstruction in Sobibor.

Finally, both of us went to Sobibor. We reported there to the camp commander, Reichleitner. He gave us the exact directives for the construction of the gassing installation. Probably the old installation was not big enough, and reconstruction was necessary. Today I cannot tell exactly who participated in the reconstruction work. However, I do remember that Jewish prisoners and so-called Askaries (Ukrainian auxiliaries) took part in the work. During this time that building was in progress, no transports with Jews arrived."[1]


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