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Eschalon: Book II
Developer(s) Basilisk Games
Engine Custom Isometric
Platform(s) Windows Macintosh Linux
Release date(s) Q2 (2009)[1]
Genre(s) RPG
Mode(s) Single player

Eschalon: Book II is an upcoming, isometric turn-based single player computer role-playing game by Basilisk Games[1]. Like the first, Eschalon: Book I, it will feature a large and openly explorable game world, a comprehensive management of character stats and skills, and a non-linear storyline.



The story continues directly from the end of Eschalon: Book I , with the same character, but is set a few years later.[2]. The plot however is, like the first game, going to be largely kept a secret during development; Thomas Riegsecker, the developer of the Eschalon series believes that most game developers release too much information about their products, spoiling the game when you eventually play it.[3]

Changes and enhancements from Book I

  • Your character will now need to eat and drink to survive. (This can be disabled in the menu if desired)[2]
  • Items and equipment now degrade with use. (This can be disabled in the menu if desired)[4]
  • You can now choose the gender of your character.[2]
  • Book II is playable in 1024x768 resolution.[5]
  • Weather effects have been added. As the developer noted, weather won't only be a visual effect, it will also affect gameplay.[2]


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