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New Year's Eve party at Water Kingdom

Essel world is an amusement park in Gorai, Mumbai, India. It is spread over 64 acres (260,000 m2) of land[1] and attracts 10,000 visitors everyday[2]. It can be reached from the suburbs of Borivali or Malad. Essel world was started by Subhash Chandra of the Essel Group in 1986[3]. The Water Kingdom section was added in 1998[3].

There are 34 major rides not including the coin operated games and the rides involving water[1].

It actually consists of two parks - Essel world proper and Water Kingdom(a water park)[4]. It was the first amusement park in India[5]. After starting in 1986, it took five years for it to break even but its annual turnvoer in 2001 was 35-40 crores rupees [6] and is now called a "huge success" [2].


Theme Park Attractions[7]

Aqua dive

Crazy cups

Hedge maze

Highway Cars

Haunted hotel


Prabal -the killer

Riki's Rocking alley:Dance Floor and bowling alley

Slam Bob


Zipper dipper

Cricket Zone

Virtual World


Hoola loop


Rock & roll

Rock climbing

Senior Dodgem

Senior telecombat



Big apple


Children's boat ride

Convoy track

Happy sky

Junior dodgem

Junior carousel

Junior go Kart

Kinder carousel

Mini telecombat


Rio grande train

Yard train

Arctic Circle:Ice Skating Rink

Waterkingdom park attractions[8]


Gang-a fall.

Bobble bogie.

Black Demon.

Turbo Thriller.

Lemon drops.

What-a-Coaster : Claims to be "One of the longest & tallest Coaster Slide in the World".

Elephant Safari.

Rock and Roll Safari.

Serpent Safari.

Goofers lagoon.

Drifting river.


Jungle beach.

Love boat.

Cascade caves.

Bay watch tower.

Aquadrome: A wet and wild Dance Zone with overhead rotating showers and water sprinklers on the floor, variety of lighting effects and 7,000 Watts of non-stop pulsating power music.

Coco beach.

Mama Miya.

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