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Estonian parliamentary election of 1999 was held on 7 March 1999. The threshold was 5% of the national vote, and seven lists passed the threshold. Electoral cartels were not allowed any more, but it didn't prevent a party from including members of another party in its list.

The election proved disastrous for Coalition Party, which achieved only seven seats together with two of its smaller allies. Estonian Ruralfolk Party, which participated the election on its own list, obtained seven seats as well.

The programme of Mart Laar’s government was signed by Fatherland Union, Reform Party, Moderates and People’s Party. The latter two merged soon after, so Mart Laar’s second government is widely known as Kolmikliit, or Tripartite coalition. Notwithstanding the different political orientation of the ruling parties, the coalition stayed united until Mart Laar resigned in December 2001, after Reform Party had broken up the same coalition in Tallinn municipality, making opposition leader Edgar Savisaar new Mayor of Tallinn. After resignation of Laar, Reform Party and Estonian Centre Party formed a coalition that lasted until next parliamentary election, 2003.


Party Votes % Seats Change
Estonian Centre Party (Eesti Keskerakond) 113,378 23.41% 28 +12
Fatherland Union (Erakond Isamaaliit) 77,917 16.09% 18 +10
Estonian Reform Party (Eesti Reformierakond) 77,088 15.92% 18 −1
Moderates (Mõõdukad)[1] 73,630 15.21% 17 +11
Estonian Coalition Party (Eesti Koonderakond)[2] 36,692 7.58% 7
Estonian Country People's Party (Eesti Maarahva Erakond) 35,204 7.27% 7
Estonian United People's Party (Eestimaa Ühendatud Rahvapartei)[3] 29,682 6.13% 6 0
Estonian Christian People's Union (Eesti Kristlik Rahvapartei, EKRP) 11,745 2.43% 0
Russian Party in Estonia (Vene Erakond Eestis, VEE) 9,825 2.03% 0
Estonian Blue Party (Eesti Sinine Erakond, ESE) 7,745 1.60% 0
Farmers Union (Põllumeeste Kogu) 2,421 0.50% 0
Progressive Party (Arengupartei) 1,854 0.38% 0
Independent candidates (19) 7,058 1.46% 0  

Turnout: 57.43%; 492,356
Invalid votes: 8,117; 1.65%
Valid votes: 484,239; 98.35%
5% threshold: 24,211.95


  • ^  List of Moderates also included candidates of People's Party; these two parties formally merged November 27, 1999 forming People's Party Moderates
  • ^  including Estonian Country League (Eesti Maaliit, EML) and Estonian Party of Pensioners and Families (Eesti Pensionäride ja Perede Erakond, EPPE).

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