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Eternal President of the Republic
Chosŏn'gŭl 공화국의 영원한 주석
Hancha 共和國의 永遠한 主席
McCune–Reischauer Konghwagugŭi Yŏngwŏnhan Chusŏk
Revised Romanization Gonghwagugui Yeongwonhan Juseok
North Korea

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The position Eternal President of the Republic (공화국의 영원한 주석) is established by a line in the preface to the North Korean constitution, amended on September 5, 1998. It reads:

"Under the leadership of the Workers' Party of Korea, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the Korean people will hold the great leader Comrade Kim Il-sung in high esteem as the eternal President of the Republic".[1] Thus, it will only ever be held by him.

The line "eternal President of the Republic" only appears in the preface, not in the functional text of the constitution and it is not associated with any government office with particular responsibilities, powers, privileges, etc. Furthermore, the only person to have ever been referred to this way was dead at the time, so this reference does not constitute an actual office.

There is currently no president of the DPRK as the office was abolished in the 1998 constitution and its powers divided between three offices: the head of government, the Premier (currently Kim Yong-il); the President of the Supreme People's Assembly (currently Kim Yong-nam); and the head of the military, the Chairman of the National Defense Commission, who is Constitutionally the Supreme Leader of the country (currently Kim Jong-il).

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