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Eternal Silence
Developer(s) Crankshaft Games
Distributor(s) Steam
License Freeware
Engine Source engine
Version 3.3 / February 23, 2009
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) Beta 1.0 / September 23, 2006
Latest release 3.3 / February 23, 2009
Preview release 3.3
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer
System requirements Source SDK Base
Input methods Keyboard, mouse and joystick

Eternal Silence is a Half-Life 2 modification blending FPS and space combat genres in a team based multiplayer game. The first public release, beta 1.0, was released on September 23, 2006. It was originally developed as a mod of Battlefield 1942, then converted to the Source engine. The latest version, Eternal Silence 3.3, was released on February 23, 2009. The game takes place in a distant future, after the destruction of Earth, where two factions, the United Terran Forces (UTF) and the Neo Galactic Militia (NGM) fight a deep space war.



Eternal Silence ingame screenshot

Eternal Silence currently has four gameplay modes, with the most significant being Hardcore mode. It has changed with every release since Beta 1.0. The final gameplay in Eternal Silence 3.0 splits the game into multiple phases. Each team begins with a capital ship at full health. These ships are bombarding each other with large AI-controlled weapons. The goal of the players is to destroy the enemy capital ship before their own is destroyed. Each capital ship has a small fleet of corvettes which protect it and serve as secondary objectives.

The game begins in the Strike phase. During this phase both teams have unlimited time to destroy the opposing team's corvettes. The hangars are locked at this point, so players can only battle in space. Bombers are most effective at taking out corvettes, with the other classes of ships serving as escort or intercept fighters. The first team to destroy the enemy corvettes moves on to the Attack phase, with the other team goes to the Defend phase.

During the Attack phase, the enemy team's hangar becomes unlocked. This allows for boardings to take place, typically using the Gunship. The team on the Attack phase has 5 minutes to successfully land and capture a subsystem. Once a subsystem has been captured, the timer is frozen until the defenders can push the attackers off their ship. Most subsystems have a function, when disabled, hurts the defending team. Capturing Shields will disable the shields of the ship, making it take more damage. Capturing Weapons will disable the ship's turrets, stop it from firing at the other capital ship, and nearby fighters outside will not receive extra munitions. The Hangar has no function, but serves as a forward spawn point near the fighters. Some NGM ships have a capturable Flight Deck; it does not have any function, and when captured does not stop the timer but stops the game from changing phases.

During the Defend phase, your hangar is unlocked and you have to defend your ship for 5 minutes. The attackers are taking additional damage during this time so a successful defense will give your team an advantage. Once the defense timer expires, the defenders receive new Corvettes and the game moves back to the Strike phase. If the enemy corvettes have been destroyed during this phase, the game skips directly to the Attack phase, with the full 5 minute timer.

This cycle continues until one team captures all the subsystems, resulting in an instant win, or either of the Capital Ships explode by taking too much damage. Players can also opt to bomb the capital ship directly to end the game faster.


  • 2006 ModDB Editors' Choice Award: Multiplayer Mod of the Year Honourable Mention [1]
  • 2007 Independent Games Festival: Best Multiplayer Mod [2]
  • 2007 ModDB Editors' Choice Award [3]
  • 2008 ModDB Editors' Choice Award: Most Innovative Multiplayer Nominee [4]
  • 2008 ModDB Editors' Choice Award: Best Multiplayer Mod Nominee [5]


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