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South America and Central America have an estimated population of 558 million (as of 2005) and a rate of population growth of about 0.6% per year.



An estimated 90% of South Americans are Christians (82% Roman Catholic, 9% other Christian denominations), accounting for ca. 19% of Christians worldwide.


In terms of ethnicity, the demographics of South America shows a mixture of Europeans, Amerindians, and Africans. A mixture of Amerindian and European ancestry is often referred to as mestizo. A mixture of Amerindian and African ancestry is referred to in many South American countries as zambo. A mixture of European and African ancestry is referred to as mulatto or creole.


Uruguay 98%

Argentina 97%

Chile 92.7%

Brazil 53.7%

Colombia 40%

Venezuela 40%

Bolivia 15%

Ecuador 15%

Peru 15%

Suriname 5%


Bolivia 55%

Peru 45%

Ecuador 25%

Guyana 9.1%

Chile 4.6%

Paraguay 3%

Suriname 2%

Colombia 1%

Brazil 0.4%


Guyana 30.2%

Venezuela 10%

Brazil 6.9%

Ecuador 5%

Colombia 4%

Uruguay 4%

Mestizo (European/Amerindian)

Paraguay 3%

Colombia 58%

Ecuador 55%

Venezuela 50% (includes African/European and African/Amerindian)

Chile 4.7%

Brazil 40.6% (known as pardo, includes various race mixes)

Peru 37%

Bolivia 30%

Uruguay 1.2%

East Indian

Guyana 43.5%

Suriname 37%


Suriname 31%

Colombia 14%


Colombia 3%


Indigenous peoples


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