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Eucleia (or Eukleia) was the ancient Greek female spirit of glory and good repute. She was the sister of Eupheme, Philophrosyne and Euthenia. Along with her sisters, she was regarded as a member of the younger Charites. In Greek vase paintings, Eucleia is frequently shown among the attendants of Aphrodite where she represents the good repute of a chaste bride. She was at time identified with Artemis. She was mentioned by ancient Greek authors such as Bacchylides (Fragment 113) and Plutarch (Life of Aristides). According to the Orphic fragments, Eucleia's parents were Hephaestus and Aglaia. However, Plutarch stated that her parents were Heracles and Myrto.[1]. She was worshipped in Locris, Boeotia and Macedonia[2].


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