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Location of the Eureka Valley Sand Dunes within California

The Eureka Valley Sand Dunes are located in the southern part of Eureka Valley, in northern Inyo County in eastern California, in the southwestern United States. Although covering an area of only 3 square miles (8 km²), the dunes rise approximately 600 feet (180 m) above the surrounding valley floor, making them one of the highest dune fields in North America.

The Eureka Valley Sand Dunes, looking south.
The Eureka Dunes, looking west.
Patterns in the Eureka Dunes after a rain storm.

Accessed via a gravel road in Eureka Valley (which connects to a road running from Big Pine to the Grapevine section of Death Valley), the dunes became part of the Death Valley National Park as part of its expansion in 1994. Foot travel in the dunes is permitted, but vehicle access is prohibited. A primitive campground is located at the north end of the dune field.

The Eureka Dunes are the home of several unique (and protected) plant species. The Eureka Dune Grass (Swallenia alexandrae), the Eureka Evening Primrose (Oenothera californica eurekensis), and the Shining Locoweed (Astragalus lentiginosus micans) are only found in this area. Visitors to the dunes may also experience other unique aspects of these dunes. The Eureka Dunes are known as singing dunes because in dry weather, slipping of the sand can produce a 'booming' sound. Conversely, in wet weather, patterns can be seen in the sand that reveals its diverse sources, and the complex Aeolian process by which these dunes are formed (and re-formed).

Sand dunes also exist in Death Valley near Stovepipe Wells.

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