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The Eurobowl is both the final game and the trophy of the European Football League (EFL), a European American football contest.



Game Year Date City Winning Team Score Losing Team MVP
XXIII 2009 July 11, 2009 Austria Innsbruck Austria Swarco Raiders Tirol 30-19 France Flash de la Corneuve Florian Grein
XXII 2008 July 6, 2008 Austria Innsbruck Austria Swarco Raiders Tirol 28-24 Austria Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna Florian Grein
XXI 2007 Austria Vienna Austria Dodge Vienna Vikings 70-19 Germany Marburg Mercenaries Josiah Cravalho
XX 2006 Austria Vienna Austria Dodge Vienna Vikings 41-9 France Flash de la Courneuve Mike Latek
XIX 2005 Austria Vienna Austria Chrysler Vienna Vikings 29-6 Italy Bergamo Lions
XVIII 2004 July 10, 2004 Austria Vienna Austria Chrysler Vienna Vikings 53-20 Italy Bergamo Lions Lance Gustafson / Peter Sangenette
XVII 2003 Germany Braunschweig Germany Braunschweig Lions 21-14 Austria Chrysler Vienna Vikings
XVI 2002 Germany Braunschweig Italy Bergamo Lions 27-20 Germany Braunschweig Lions
XV 2001 Austria Vienna Italy Bergamo Lions 28-11 Austria Chrysler Vienna Vikings
XIV 2000 Germany Hamburg Italy Bergamo Lions 42-20 Germany Hamburg Blue Devils
XIII 1999 Germany Hamburg Germany Braunschweig Lions 27-23 Germany Hamburg Blue Devils
XII 1998 Germany Hamburg Germany Hamburg Blue Devils 38-19 France Flash de la Courneuve
XI 1997 Germany Stuttgart Germany Hamburg Blue Devils 35-14 Italy Bologna Phoenix
X 1996 Germany Stuttgart Germany Hamburg Blue Devils 21-14 France Aix-en-Provence Argonautes
IX 1995 Germany Stuttgart Germany Düsseldorf Panther 21-14 United Kingdom London Olympians
VIII 1994 Germany Stuttgart United Kingdom London Olympians 26-23 Italy Bergamo Lions
VII 1993 Belgium Brussels United Kingdom London Olympians 42-21 Netherlands Amsterdam Crusaders
VI 1992 Sweden Uppsala Netherlands Amsterdam Crusaders 42-24 Italy Giaguari Torino
V 1991 Germany Offenbach Netherlands Amsterdam Crusaders 21-20 Germany Berlin Adler
IV 1990 Italy Rimini United Kingdom Manchester Spartans 34-22 Italy Legnano Frogs
III 1989 Italy Milan Italy Legnano Frogs 27-23 Netherlands Amsterdam Crusaders
II 1988 United Kingdom London Finland Helsinki Roosters 35-14 Netherlands Amsterdam Crusaders
I 1986 Netherlands Amsterdam Finland Taft Vantaa 16-2 Italy Bologna Doves


Championships Team Year
4 Austria Vienna Vikings 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
3 Italy Bergamo Lions 2000, 2001, 2002
3 Germany Hamburg Blue Devils 1996, 1997, 1998
2 Netherlands Amsterdam Crusaders 1991, 1992
2 United Kingdom London Olympians 1993, 1994
2 Germany Braunschweig Lions 1999, 2003
2 Austria Swarco Raiders Tirol 2008, 2009
1 Finland Taft Vantaa 1986
1 Finland Helsinki Roosters 1988
1 Italy Legnano Frogs 1989
1 United Kingdom Manchester Spartans 1990
1 Germany Düsseldorf Panther 1995

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