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Group of the European Right
European Parliament group
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ER logo
Name Group of the European Right
English abbr. ER[1][2]
French abbr. n/a
Formal name Group of the European Right[2][3][4]
Ideology Nationalism, Conservatism, Neo-Fascism
From 24 July 1984[4]
To 24 July 1989[4]
Preceded by n/a
Succeeded by Technical Group of the European Right
Chaired by Jean-Marie Le Pen[4]
MEP(s) 16 (July 24, 1984)[5 ]

The Group of the European Right was a Far-Right political group with seats in the European Parliament between 1984 and 1989.



Following the 1984 elections, MEPs from the Italian MSI,[6][5 ] Greek EPEN[6][5 ] and French Front National[6][5 ] were elected. They formed the first formally far-right Group in the Parliament. They were later joined by an Ulster Unionist[7][6] MEP. In the 1989 elections, the Ulster Unionist[7] retired and his successor sat in a different group whilst the EPEN members lost their seats, and the new MEPs from the German Republikaner party refused to ally themselves with the Italian MSI due to disagreements over the status of South Tyrol.[8][7] The Group collapsed and was succeeded by the Technical Group of the European Right.

Member Parties at July 24, 1984

Member state Party MEPs Notes
Italy MSI 5[6][5 ]
France Front National 10[6][5 ]
Greece EPEN 1[6][5 ]





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