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The European Society for Engineering Education is the leading organisation for engineering education in Europe. Commonly known as SEFI, an acronym for its French name, Société Européenne pour la Formation des Ingénieurs, it is also known in German as the Europäische Gesellschaft für Ingenieur-Ausbildung. SEFI was founded in Brussels in 1973[1][2] and has 196 institutional members in 38 countries. It promotes information exchange about current developments in the field of engineering education, between teachers, researchers and students in the various European countries. Additionally, it develops the cooperation between higher engineering education institutions and promotes cooperation with industry, acting as a link between its members and other scientific and international bodies, in collaboration with other international organisations like its European sister organisation IGIP, the American Society for Engineering Education, and the Board of European Students of Technology.

The objectives of the SEFI are achieved through the activities of thematic working groups (curriculum development, continuing education and lifelong learning, physics, mathematics, women in engineering, ethics, information and communication technologies) and through the organisation of Annual Conferences.[3] The European Journal of Engineering Education published by Taylor and Francis is the official journal of SEFI.[4]

The 2009 Annual conference will be in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.


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