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The Eurovox is a Digital set top box, notoriously known for allowing the viewing of cable television services for free illegally in the UK, imported from Korea in 2004 to fulfil demand for UK cable receivers.



The Eurovox product heralded the 'new generation' of proprietary code non 'Linux' Linux based receivers and was designed to fill the market previously occupied by the DBOX. The DBOX was a Linux based German Cable receiver—which became available through markets like eBay as second hand receivers in the late 1990s / early 21st century

Dream Multimedia produced the incredibly popular Linux based Dreambox 500 (DM500) receiver - which became the 'unofficial' new DBOX for Linux enthusiasts to enjoy. To ensure maximum market coverage these were available with a variety of tuners allowing the same DM500 carcass to be used in Satellite, Cable and Terrestrial areas.

The ability to manipulate the code on the Dreambox/DBOX was hugely popular within the UK cable community as it allowed 'hackers' to produce code (firmware) which could decrypt UK cable channels without subscription.

The Eurovox product became the fastest selling 'brand' name non Linux based receiver in the UK (citation needed) as the huge uptake of free or low priced 'Internet Forums' allowed users across the country discuss/share information about the product.

The Eurovox 2 was initially imported by one individual in the West Midlands. However - the varying legal opinions coupled with the huge potential market were sufficient to make larger organisations interested in re-branding the earlier product.

In 2005 - a rival group headed by Rayyonics Ltd rebranded the product as the 'Eurovox MAX'.. Using a select and dedicated sales force and allowing only selected resellers to acquire the product wholesale - the 'MAX' became the best known 'non Linux cable receiver' in the UK within a year.

It was widely known that the main purpose (whether stated or not) was used to decrypt free channels from the main UK cable providers of that time (Namely Telewest/NTL and ex Cable & Wireless).

It is believed that in excess of 600,000 units are currently being used in the UK and Ireland.

Virgin Media bought all cable networks in the UK/Éire and re-branded the aforementioned companies (and others - Chorus/Wightcable etc) under the overall Virgin Media (VM) umbrella.

VM have quite understandably been putting pressure on importers, re-sellers and individuals (through places like eBay) to stop the distribution of these units. In 2008 VM with the police raided the offices of Rayyonics Ltd and stopped trading.

The use of the Eurovox (and similar cable receivers - The Starview/Kryptview/Dreambox/ITGate etc) and many other units of this type is prohibited by Virgin Media. You cannot connect third party equipment to a network which you do not own without the express permission of the network owner.

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The usage of the Eurovox receiver (and all similar cable receivers) within the United Kingdom is technically legal as it can be used as a freeview box but they become illegal if they are connected to Virgin Media as this contravenes the terms and conditions of Virgin Media Group Ltd.


Current setup (2008+) of all Eurovox units (including the Eurovox MAX 'V' Series) and the EX Range (namely the EX1000/5000/5100) all run the 'Kuro' software (Kuro is Japanese for 'Black' - see naming conventions) which was developed by a coder known only as "DarX".

All modern units come with FTA (or Free to Air) Software as part of the overall package. However, there is 'hacked code' freely available which will then allow users of the unit to obtain virtually all 'encrypted' channels via the current operators network.

If a unit has been 'hacked' then the user has only to access the main menu via the RCU (Remote Control Unit) and choose FAST INSTALL option. Every Eurovox unit has a factory default PIN Personal identification number of 0000. The user can then choose the appropriate SYMBOL RATE Symbol rate for their particular area and press the OK button.

The unit then performs a complete search of the available 'transponders' Transponder within their own area and then further breaks these down into particular channel grouping on each transponder.

Symbol Rate

Symbol Rate Symbol rate is a term used to define a specific data encryption type used within the various providers. It is common practice to name providers with a prefix of 'ex' as these providers were all taken over by the Virgin Media Group

Known rates are well documented and can be broken down into:

ex Telewest: Symbol Rate 6.952

ex NTL UK  : Symbol Rate 6.887

ex NTL EIRE: Symbol Rate 6.887

ex C&W  : Symbol Rate 6.887 or 6.952

Chorus EIRE: Symbol Rate 6.875



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