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Eva M. Paar, "Relaxed", oil on canvas, 2006

Eva Maria Paar (born August 16, 1977 in Zell am See near Salzburg) is an Austrian fine artist and photographer.



Born 1977 in Salzburg / Austria, Eva M. Paar works and lives in Linz at the moment. Since the breakout of her illness of multiple sclerosis in 2001, she puts her whole energy in creating oil paintings and analog photographic artwork. Even though she often exhibits in other countries and continents, the strong attachment to Salzburg will always remain[1].

Eva M. Paar, "Undertow", oil on canvas, 2007


The self-taught artist resents an artistic approach of her own under the title of Relaxed Formation while portraying people and abstract figures in the form of lines that differ in breadth. Contours and shades give a plastic realistic effect to the whole composition proving even more realistic when looking at it from further away.
The second half of the 20th century is located in the center of her present work. By icons of the sixties, an a juvenile manner innocent models of the present, up to socio topics, reflect in her dynamic poses and scenes[2].

Past and future exhibitions

  • 2010/03 North Charleston City Gallery (US)
  • 2009/11 Art fair Salzburg (AT)
  • 2009/10 Gallery Boehner / Mannheim (DE)
  • 2009/07 APW Gallery / NY (US)
  • 2009/06 Artists’ Heaven Gallery / Ft Lauderdale, Florida (US)
  • 2009/03 Bridge Art Fair NY 2009 (US)
  • 2009/01 Gallery M Beck / Homburg (DE)
  • 2008/10 Parkdale Gallery / Ottawa (CA)
  • 2008/07 Gallery Gora / Montreal (CA)
  • 2008/02 ArtExpo NY (US), represented by Gallery artodrome (DE)
  • 2008/02 Art fair Osnabrueck (DE)
  • 2007/11 Gallery Artodrome / Forchheim, near Nuernberg (DE)
  • 2007/11 Art fair Salzburg (AT)
  • 2007/09 Gallery Boehner / Mannheim (DE)
  • 2007/09 LACDA / Los Angeles (US), "Snap to grid", exhibition of digital artwork
  • 2007/07 33 Collective Gallery / Chicago (US), self-portrait exhibition
  • 2007/05 Infusion Gallery / Los Angeles (US)
  • 2007/04 Timesigns 2007 / Filderstadt (DE)
  • 2006/12 "Kunst Forum International" / Meisterschwanden (CH), "small formats" exhibition
  • 2006/11 Art fair Salzburg 2006 (AT), represented by Gallery Boehner
  • 2006/08 Art Domain Gallery / Leipzig (DE), 5th "Palm award exhibition"
  • 2006/07 "Gallery of the Middle" / Linz (AT), solo exhibition "Romantic Reduction"
  • 2006/06 "Kunst Forum International" / Meisterschwanden (CH), "Seetal 2006 contest" participation
  • 2006/05 Folklore House / Ried im Innkreis (AT), community exhibition "OOEKB"
  • 2006/04 Art fair "Akzenta" Graz (AT), represented by Gallery Boehner
  • 2005/11 Art fair Salzburg 2005 (AT), represented by Gallery Boehner


  • 2009 Printed in “Best of Artists Worldwide – Volume I book series”, Best of Artists & Artisans (BOAA) and Kennedy Publishing (US)
  • 2008 Printed in “Who’s Who in Visual Art 2008-2009”, Art Domain Whois Verlag (DE)
  • 2008 2nd Art prize – Timesigns 2008 / Filderstadt (DE)
  • 2008 Listing on the website of the Austrian embassy in Washington DC (US) as famous Austrian artist
  • 2007 Honored Artwork - Timesigns 2007 / Filderstadt (DE)

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