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Evenk Autonomous Banner (Evenki: Ewengki Aimanni Mvvngkeng Isihēr Gosa; simplified Chinese: 鄂温克族自治旗; pinyin: Èwēnkèzú Zìzhìqí) is an autonomous banner that lies directly south of the urban district of Hailar in the prefecture-level city of Hulunbuir. It has an area of 19,111 km ². According to the 2000 census, there are 146,808 inhabitants with a population density of 7.68 inhabitants per km². Its capital is the town of Bayan Tohoi (巴彥托海鎮).

Ethnic groups in Evenk Autonomous Banner, 2000 census

Nationality Population Percentage
Han 89,780 61.15%
Mongol 27,517 18.74%
Daur 13,943 9.5%
Evenks 9,733 6.63%
Manchu 3,775 2.57%
Hui 1,400 0.95%
Korean 235 0.16%
Russians 159 0.11%
Xibe 85 0.06%
Oroqen 78 0.05%
Others 103 0.08%

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Coordinates: 49°25′45″N 118°09′09″E / 49.4291666667°N 118.1525°E / 49.4291666667; 118.1525



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