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Event can refer to many things such as:

  • A phenomenon, any observable occurrence, or an extraordinary occurrence

A type of gathering:

In science, technology, and mathematics:

  • Event (computing), a software message indicating that something has happened, such as a keystroke or mouse click
  • Event, Particle accelerator, experiments which produce high energy (Electron volt|MeV, GeV, and TeV) subatomic particle collisions
  • Event (probability theory), a set of outcomes to which a probability is assigned
  • Event (UML), in Unified Modeling Language, a notable occurrence at a particular point in time
  • Event chain methodology, in project management
  • Event (relativity), a point in space at an instant in time, i.e. a location in spacetime
  • Event horizon, a boundary in spacetime, typically surrounding a black hole, beyond which events cannot effect an exterior observer
  • Extinction event, a sharp decrease in the number of species in a short period of time
  • Celestial event, an astronomical phenomenon of interest

In philosophy:

  • Event (philosophy), an object in time, or an instantiation of a property in an object
  • Mental event, something that happens in the mind, such as a thought

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This article is a travel topic.

This is a calendar of events and festivals. Both recurring events as well as future or ongoing one-off events can be found here.

Calendar of events and festivals
January | February | March | April | May | June
July | August | September | October | November | December


By its very nature the information in this calendar ages rapidly, so please help us keep it up to date. For events that recur periodically at different dates (eg. religious festivals that follow lunar calendars), please note both the usual range when the festival plus the exact dates if known.

Use the following format for entries.

Specific dates

Wiki syntax:

* Month Xth, Year: '''Mega Super Festival''' [Homepage], [[Town]], [[Country]]


Every year

Fixed dates

Wiki syntax:

* Monthname Yth: '''Ye Olde Partay''' [Homepage], [[Town]], [[Country]]


Movable dates

Wiki syntax:

* Second Thursday after full moon (usually late Month):
 '''Grooming of the Royal Poodle''' [Homepage], [[Town]], [[Country]]


  • Second Thursday after full moon (usually late Month): Grooming of the Royal Poodle [3], London, England


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Significant world events

No particular format has been suggested yet. Please make suggestions on this page's discussion page.

Births and deaths in specific years

Here (though somewhat dated by July 2008) is a suggested form of text for a "Born in ...." or a "Died in ...." category, containing links to suitable other categories and an instruction to help anyone having difficulty getting an individual's page to list there. Copy from the edit box and remove the "nowiki" tags (except from the EXAMPLE paragraph) when editing:

This category should include the page for every person whose death year is shown as [[1945]].

Names list in alphabetical order of page name except where the magic word DEFAULTSORT is used or where the page link to the category ends with a "pipe" and the preferred locator such as a surname, eg [[category:(EXAMPLE)|Botany, Bad Sir Brian]].

See [[wikipedia:1945|1945]] in Wikipedia.

[[Category:1945]] [[Category:20th century]]

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