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Evodom: Survival of the Fittest
Platform(s) PC
Release date(s) TBA
Genre(s) Real-Time Strategy
Mode(s) Single player

Evodom is an upcoming downloadable Real-time strategy game in which the player takes control of a colony of insects known as Evolets. Unlike traditional RTS games the player is not required to buy buildings and units to form a base - missions are based around a queen who will periodically lay eggs that will hatch into new units. Progress is made by capturing enemy territories and ultimately driving opposing species to extinction.





Each Evolet has a set of attributes that determine its success in the battlefield. There are over 352,000 possible combinations of attributes in basic gameplay (but the full total runs well into the millions) and the player is encouraged to 'splice' the genetic code of their queen to produce fighting units that are better suited to their ever-changing surroundings. Feet will be more effective if they are adapted to environmental conditions, camouflage will allow units to creep around undetected and armor will offer extra protection. Various weapons can be equipped, each with different power and effects ranging from poisoning enemies and impregnating them with larvae to weakening armour and spreading plagues. Lastly, each Evolet has its own personality (or 'psyche') that will enhance certain attributes when specified conditions are met (for example, the Honor psyche will boost attack power when the number of allied units is low).

Attributes that are successful during one season or time of day are unlikely to remain effective so players will need to continually evolve in order to prevent their enemies taking the advantage. Similarly, weight is an important factor and although it is possible to equip you Evolet with both strong armour and powerful weaponry, such Evolets will be slow and easily picked off by enemies.

Fighting to defend a berry patch.

Growth and Training

Newly hatched Evolets are small and weak but will grow (both in size and strength) as the game progresses. In addition to their natural growth, all Evolets (except the queen) will gain experience from battles in order to increase their skill level and boost armor and attack power.

Evolets also need to be fed if they are to survive; they primarily eat berries but can also be fed small mammals (and some even eat other Evolets). Berries come in many different varieties and all have different effects when eaten - for example, some will restore health, some will strengthen armour and some are poisonous.

General Gameplay

  • Choices and allegiances made during the campaign will affect the path you take and 3 alternate endings are possible.
  • Just like in real life, all units are unique. Strength, speed and colour shades all vary between units and you will notice both subtle and striking variations.
  • Each season and time of day brings its own benefits and problems. Your units will need to be kept well adapted to maintain the advantage in battle.

External links

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