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Evolver avatars.gif
example of avatars done with evolver
Developer(s) Darwin Dimensions Inc,
Type 3D Avatar Web Portal

Evolver 3D Avatar Web portal was lauched the 8 may 2009.

Evolver enables social media experience through delivery of personal, transportable avatars across all applications which utilize avatars [1] like Virtual world, Video game, Social networks, Video clips, E-card, Mobile app, Computer animation and Previsualization projects.



Evolver enables users to move creations across virtual worlds,[2] it addresses a growing market that includes virtual worlds and more importantly virtual currency. Because each Evolver avatar is born with a custom face and body animation rig, it can be transported to nearly any 2D or 3D experience[3]

The site’s simplicity and user friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to create a 3D avatar or clone quickly and for free, exportable for use in any destination including virtual worlds, social networks, animations and more. More advanced 3D artists can save hours of production time by generating original Evolver characters and exporting high resolution models fully rigged for animation.[4] As an example the University of South California, for it class on performance-capture co-instructed by producer Robert Zemeckis, choose evolver as character generator. Evolver allowed the class to create six mocap-ready character skeletons, with textures and skinning, without knowing how to build 3D characters.[5]

The avatar is built by morphing different ready made avatars (called ancestors) together using sliders. It is possible to select a specific feature to adjust, for example eyes. For the ordinary user the solution offers both unrestricted freedom and good looking results.[6] Alternately, upload a headshot photo that meets a simple set of specifications into Evolver to create a custom 3D clone of yourself or anyone else. The user can then make subtle or major changes to the “clone” avatar by tweaking the facial and physical attributes. Evolver also includes a complete library of clothing options to give each character an individual style. [7] The final characters are well built and rigged. The characters come in four resolutions, from game all the way up to feature film. All resolutions are fully skinned to a built skeleton.[8]

The service is entirely web-based, meaning no downloads. Avatars can also be transported server to server and dropped straight into existing animations.[9]


The evolver Web browser interface give access to it server-side components[10] where all the data is manage, but also where the evolver character builder is. The builder as been developed and commercialize as a complete professional software family first[11] and then made accessible by a web interface. evolver uses a "virtual gene pool". This gene pool is actually a set of predesigned body types and facial features that can be fed into special morphing bins and use as a modeling tool.[12] Facial features, including overall face, eyes, ears, mouth, chin, nose and cheeks, and physical attributes including overall body, arms, shoulders, chest, stomach, hips and legs, can be customized along with skin tone, eye color and hair.[13] The character builder is a complex technology that generate fully rig customize character with unique facial expressions, including phonemes for realistic emotions and lip sync, skeleton and balanced geometry for movement that is anatomically and kinetically accurate. Also delivered are color, specular and nomal mapping high resolution textures (2048 x 2048 pixels), choice of 4 level of detail (LOD) geometrie and different skeleton optimization.[14] Darwin Dimensions as a number of patent pending for it.[15] These characters can be transported automatically into a vast range of third party applications due to the proprietary process in which Evolver generates a custom animation “rig” for each Evolver Avatar. They can also be exported with animations, as GIF files, or wallpaper to post on over 26 social networking sites including Facebook, MySpace or Blogger.[16]

Art Form

Evolver emerge from the reorganization of research in the media arts, driven by the process of technological innovation and promoting interdisciplinary teamwork between artists and researchers. A collaboration that should lead to commercial potential and economic spinoffs. The result could be call a hybridization of art, research and technology. The project can be interpreted as an itinerary that simultaneously fosters an emerging body of work and creates an environment capable of producing externalities. Hexagram was the consortium with the mandate of renewing the field and is a collaboration between 2 universities in Montreal; University of Quebec in Montreal and University Concordia.[17]


Evolver membership is free. Memberships allow users to generate avatars, post to gallery, share with friend, transport or make revenue.


By generating avatars, clones and custom textures, Evolver users are content creators. They use the site to generate avatars for all applications which utilize them, for personal, professional and or business use.


Darwin Dimensions is the developer of the evolver suite of automated character modeling tools. The Montreal, Canada-based company emerged out of the Darwin Research Project directed by Michel Fleury, PhD and associate professor at Université du Quebec a Montreal. The commercial viability of evolver software led entrepreneur and co-founder of LavaLife David Chamandy to join Fleury in the launch of Darwin Dimensions.[18]

In 2008 Brian Nilles became the firm's CEO after leaving Vicon as Chief Executive Officer and being there for ten years.[19]


Evolver received $800k in Seed funding. (8/1/08) [20]

Platforms Currently Supported

Formats Currently Supported

Social Media Sites Currently Supported

MySpace | Facebook | Twitter | Friendster | Orkut | Bebo | WordPress | Blogger (service) | Hi5 (website) | Tagged | Live Spaces | Piczo | Yahoo | LiveJournal | BlackPlanet | myYearbook | Freewebs | Vox (blogging platform) | TypePad | Xanga | Multiply (website) | iGoogle | Netvibes | Pageflakes | MiGente | Ameba | Livedoor | | Overblog


  • 06 aug 2006: professional software version
  • 08 may 2009: public web alpha version
  • 22 july 2009: public web beta version


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