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Studio album by Babybird
Released March 1, 2010
Genre Indie rock
Label Unison Records
Babybird chronology
Between My Ears There Is Nothing But Music

Ex-Maniac is an album by indie band Babybird, from Sheffield, United Kingdom, released March 1, 2010, under Unison Records[1]. The album features Johnny Depp, who is said to be a "long time fan" of the band, on guitar. Depp is also directing the video for one of the tracks[2][3].

The fourth track, "Unloveable", was the first single to be released from the album[4]. The video was directed by Johnny Depp, who also plays guitar in some parts of the song[5]. The album is produced by Bruce Witkin and Ryan Dorn, who were introduced to Stephen Jones, frontman of Babybird by Depp[2][6]. The album also features actor Stephen Graham[7].

Track listing

  1. "Like Them"
  2. "Drug Time"
  3. "Failed Suicide Club"
  4. "Unloveable"
  5. "Send Me Back My Dreams"
  6. "For The Rest Of Our Lives"
  7. "Bastard"
  8. "Wrong Song, The (Bonus Track - iTUNES Exclusive)"
  9. "Roadside Girl"
  10. "Black Flowers"
  11. "Not Good Enough"
  12. "Isn't Love Wonderful (Bonus Track - iTUNES Exclusive)"
  13. "On The Backseat Of Your Car"


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