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Exclusive psalmody is the particular worship practice of several small Protestant denominations worldwide which use a metrical version of the Book of Psalms from the Bible as the only manual of songs that may be sung in their services. Denominations practising exclusive psalmody include the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America, Protestant Reformed Churches of America and the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia

The practice of Exclusive psalmody is founded on a strict (sometimes called 'Puritan') interpretation of the regulative principle of worship. The Exclusive Psalmodists contend that since God has given us a collection of 150 worship songs and provides scriptural examples of them being sung, God requires these songs to be used in public worship (2 Chronicles 5:13, 2 Chronicles 20:21, 2 Chronicles 29:30, Ezra 3:11, Exodus 15:1).

Whilst exclusive psalmody was once a distinctive of most Presbyterian, Calvinist and Reformed churches, it is now a minority position. Since the 1800s, interpretation of the regulative principle has shifted and there is now a consensus amongst Christians who subscribe to it that it permits the use of songs other than the Psalms, provided that the lyrics are compatible with the Bible. This allows the use of numerous hymns and modern worship songs.

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