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Exotic pollution is a general definition that includes attacks involving nuclear, chemical, or biological agents intended to cause harm or contaminate and make unfit for use.

Major Impacts of Exotic Pollution

  • Exposure to nuclear (radioactive) waste results in kidney toxicity. Toxicity can by caused by breathing air containing radioactive metals like Uranium, Strontium 90. Once Uranium gets deposited in the kidney to the level of 50 to 150 mg, this will result in kidney failure or death of human being. At lower level intake, kidney itself repairs over period of several weeks after Uranium exposure has stopped.[1]
  • Exotic pollution like, exposure of Carbon dioxide to sea water results in an increase in acidity of the water. In California State, sea shells have started dissolving because of increase in acidity of water.[2]
  • In day today life increase in number of factories and industries result in increase of exotic pollution. Industries are using scrubbing process to clean the plant air emission. Thus water used in this scrubbing process are then discarded in the river, where thousands of people are using same water for their drinking.[3] The Environmental Protection Agency project that by the end of next year 50 percent of electricity generated by coal, will be using the same process of scrubbing or similar technologies which will result in increase in waste water pollution.[4]

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