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An explorer is a person involved in exploration.

Explorer, explore, exploring or exploration may also refer to:

Aircraft and spacecraft




  • Windows Explorer, the interface for accessing the file system on Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Explore2fs, a Windows Explorer-like program for Microsoft Windows
  • Internet Explorer, a web browser developed by Microsoft
  • Sun Microsystems Explorer, diagnostic data collection tool for the Sun Solaris operating system
  • Explorer/85, expandable learning system by Netronics based on the 8085 microprocessor
  • TI Explorer, a computer family of Lisp Machines from Texas Instruments

Education and youth activities



Maritime vessels


  • Explore-At-Bristol, hands-on science museum in Bristol, UK, part of the At-Bristol science and education centre
  • Explorer Ridge, mid-ocean ridge on the coast of British Columbia, Canada
  • Explorer Seamount, seamount in the Pacific Ocean



  • Exploration problem, the use of a robot to maximize the knowledge over a particular area
  • Dental explorer, an instrument used in dentistry
  • Explorer Vodka, Swedish brand of vodka
  • Explorer 3xxx to 8xxx, a product line of digital cable boxes and recorders (Explorer 8300) manufactured by Scientific-Atlanta
  • Gibson Explorer, a model of guitar also marked as X-plorer and Explorer Pro
  • Explore Evolution: The Arguments For and Against Neo-Darwinism, an Intelligent Design book published in 2007

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The Explorers
by Don Marquis

AND some still cry: "What is the use?
The service rendered? What the gain?
Heroic, yes!--but in what cause?
Have they made less one earth-borne pain?
Broadened the bounded spirit's scope?
Or died to make the dull world hope?"

Must man still be the slave of Use?--
But these men, careless and elate,
Join battle with a burly world
Or come to wrestling grips with fate,
And not for any good nor gain
Nor any fame that may befall--
But, thrilling in the clutch of life,
Heed the loud challenge and the call;--
And grown to symbols at the last,
Stand in heroic silhouette
Against horizons ultimate,
As towers that front lost seas are set;--

The reckless gesture, the strong pose,
Sharp battle-cry flung back to Earth,
And buoyant humor, as a god
Might say: "Lo, here my feet have trod!"--
There lies the meaning and the worth!

They bring no golden treasure home,
They win no acres for their clan,
Nor dream nor deed of theirs shall mend
The ills of man's bedeviled span--
Nor are they skilled in sleights of speech,
(Nor overeager) to make plain
The use they serve, transcending use,--
The gain beyond apparent gain!

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