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Expressnet Logo.png
Operating area Philippines
Members 7
ATMs 2,213
Founded 1986

Expressnet is an interbank network connecting the ATM networks of seven major banks in the Philippines. It is the second-largest ATM network in terms of number of ATMs (largely due to the vast nationwide presence of BPI Express Teller ATMs) and the smallest in terms of customers and number of member banks. However, its strength among the interbank networks and the ubiquity of BPI ATMs have given birth to the Expressnet motto: "The Powerful Connection".

At present, Expressnet has 3.5 million customers and has 2,213 ATMs operating 24 hours a day.



Expressnet was founded on February 14, 1986, when the ATMs of Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) and its subsidiary, BPI Family Savings Bank, the founders of Expressnet, were connected for the first time. The first Expressnet transaction was also conducted on this year.

Soon thereafter, in December of 1991, Landbank joined the consortium, followed by HSBC in February of 1992. Banco de Oro joined in April of 1995, BPI Direct Savings Bank, another BPI subsidiary, joined in 2000, and HSBC Savings Bank, a subsidiary of HSBC, became the latest Expressnet member on April 1, 2001.

Expressnet and another Philippine interbank network, MegaLink, formed an alliance on May 6, 1997, with the main ceremony held at Ayala Center. This meant that 2.3 million Expressnet cardholders could use their cards with MegaLink ATMs, and 2.7 million MegaLink cardholders could use their cards with Expressnet ATMs.

On July 13, 2005, Expressnet and BancNet signed a memorandum by executives of both networks. At present, all Expressnet ATMs advertise full connectivity with BancNet ATM cards & that BancNet currently maintains Expressnet's facilities.

Expressnet is also known for its Express Payment System (EPS), which was at first the debit card system of the BPI Express Teller ATM card. In 2005, the network expanded to include cardholders of all Landbank E.A.S.Y. (Express Access for Savers like You) and Banco de Oro Smarteller (both local and international) ATM cards.


Expressnet is the primary network of the following banks listed below:

Bank Membership date ATM EPS BancNet MegaLink Withdrawal limit
Bank of the Philippine Islands February 14, 1986 Express Teller Yes Yes Yes P20,000
BPI Family Savings Bank
BPI Direct Savings Bank 2000
Banco de Oro (with ties to Megalink) April 1995 Smarteller Yes Yes Yes P25,000
HSBC February 1992 HSBC ATM No No Yes P40,000
HSBC Savings Bank April 1, 2001
Land Bank of the Philippines December 1991 E.A.S.Y. Card ATM Yes No Yes P30,000


All Expressnet ATM cardholders and a majority of Expressnet ATMs are connected to both MegaLink and BancNet, the other Philippine interbank networks. All Expressnet cardholders can access MegaLink and BancNet-connected ATMs and vice versa.

However, not all Expressnet ATMs are linked to MegaLink and BancNet. Prominent examples of this include Landbank and HSBC, but the BPI group and Banco de Oro are accessible to MegaLink cardholders.

An agreement was signed though between BancNet and Expressnet to interconnect. The first bank to make such an announcement about the BancNet-Expressnet tie-up was Chinabank, of which its sister bank, Banco de Oro, is a member of Expressnet.

Internationally, Expressnet cardholders (excluding Landbank and local BPI and Banco de Oro cardholders) are connected to Maestro and Cirrus in the cases of BPI and Banco de Oro and PLUS in the case of HSBC, as well as the entire HSBC network. Banco de Oro also has a direct link to MasterCard. Expressnet ATMs link to the same with BPI ATMs also providing access to American Express cardholders and HSBC ATMs providing access to Visa cardholders.

Card Classifications

There are two classifications of Expressnet cards: local and international. A list of cards is provided below.

  • Local cards
    • Banco de Oro
      • BDO Junior Savers Card
      • BDO Power Teens Card
      • BDO Smarteller Card
    • Bank of the Philippine Islands
      • BPI Express Teller Card (before 1997)
    • Landbank
      • Landbank E.A.S.Y. Card
      • Landbank E-Card
  • International cards
    • Banco de Oro
    • Bank of the Philippine Islands
    • HSBC
      • HSBC ATM Card

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