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Extreme or Xtreme may refer to:

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Extreme or extremes may mean:

  • Extreme (band), an American band, mostly known for its ballad "More than Words"
  • Extreme weather, severe or unseasonal weather
  • Extreme value, the largest and the smallest element of a set
  • Extremism, ideas or actions beyond what is deemed acceptable
  • Extreme sport, featuring speed, height, danger or spectacular stunts
  • Extremophile, an organism which thrives in or requires "extreme" conditions
  • Extreme Programming, also known as XP
  • Extreme (marketing), the term as used in advertising and marketing
  • Dance Dance Revolution EXTREME, a music video game produced by Konami
  • Extreme Championship Wrestling, the former independent promotion that now operates as a brand for World Wrestling Entertainment
  • Extreme Paintbrawl, a budget first person shooter that is considered one of the worst games ever
  • Extreme, an autobiography by Sharon Osbourne
  • Extreme Networks, a California based enterprise level networking hardware company
  • Extreme Sports Channel, a Netherlands-based extreme sports television channel available across Europe and the Middle East
  • Extreme Records, a record label
  • Extremes, a television series
  • Extremes (album), a 1994 album by Collin Raye

X-Treme may mean:

  • Adam X the X-Treme, a Marvel Comics character also known as Adam X or Adam Neramani
  • Agostino Carollo, an Italian singer, disc jockey, and producer, better known as "X-Treme"

Xtreme or XTREME may mean:

  • Xtreme Beverages, a manufacturer of 100% fruit juices, smoothies, teas and water
  • Xtreme Pro Wrestling
  • Xtreme (group), a Latin music group
  • Xtreme (Album), Latin music group Xtreme's self titled album
  • XTREME Technologies GmbH, a research corporation between Jenoptik and Ushio for doing EUV lithography research using funds from Intel

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