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What is considered to be Northwest Ohio, with the dark-blue colored counties always included, the middle shade of blue counties being included some of the time, and the lightest colored blue counties being included the least. The lighter the shade, the more debatable it is. With the exception of Marion County, all of the counties primarily belong to the 419/567 area code.
Northwest Ohio in Ohio

Northwest or northwestern Ohio consists of multiple counties in the northwestern corner of the US state of Ohio. This area borders Lake Erie, southern Michigan, and eastern Indiana. Some areas in northwestern Ohio are also considered the Black Swamp area. The Toledo metropolitan area is also part of the region. Just like any other region, there is no universally agreed-upon boundary for northwestern Ohio, as the entire area is defined differently by the opinions of multiple people.

The area's population in the year 2000 was 1,639,144. The area is declining in population, specifically in the northern regions (counties shaded in the darker blue and Allen County). Southern areas such as Marion and Morrow counties as well as the city of Findlay are growing.


Places considered within northwest Ohio

These places are or may be classified as being in northwestern Ohio, depending on the definition being applied:


Counties & county seats

Skyline of Toledo, the largest city in Northwest Ohio.

Other cities, villages, and townships

If a city is a county seat, it has been listed above according to the county in which it lies. Many of the cities, townships, and villages in northwest Ohio are clustered in the Toledo MSA. This list is incomplete.




Toledo area townships

Other places

Extreme Northwest Ohio

What is considered to be Extreme Northwest Ohio is shaded in red including the counties of Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Paulding, Putnam, Van Wert, and Williams. Allen and Hancock counties are sometimes included in the geographical area and are shaded in a lighter red.
Extreme Northwest Ohio in Ohio

Extreme Northwest Ohio, or Far N'western Ohio, is a portion of Northwest Ohio best known as the Great Black Swamp area due to its natural history. The counties of Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Paulding, Putnam, Van Wert, and Williams in the state of Ohio are usually classified as extreme northwest Ohio.

According to the 2000 Census, the population of this portion of NW Ohio is 234,660. When Allen and Hancock counties are included, the population is 414,428. Just like any other region, there is no universally agreed-upon line for northwestern Ohio, as the entire area is defined differently by the opinions of multiple people.

Principal Cities

City Population (2000 Census)
Bryan (Williams County) 8,333
Defiance (Defiance County) 16,465
Findlay (Hancock County) 38,967
Lima (Allen County) 40,081



Toledo Express Airport (TOL), in suburban Swanton, is the largest airport in northwest Ohio. Toledo Express is served by seven major passenger airlines, and has been named one of the five best small airports in the Midwest. Toledo Express is also a major air cargo center, serving as the international hub for BAX Global. Toledo Express has begun a $22 million renovation project; As of 2007, the airport has expanded and renovated the central gate area of its single terminal, and is seeking an airline to offer direct service to New York City.

Toledo Express also hosts the corporate flight departments of Owens-Illinois, Owens-Corning, Pilkington, and Dana Corporation. Grand Aire Express offers charter and air taxi services from its base at the airport. In education, the airport is a base of operations for FlightSafety International and Toledo Public Schools' aviation program, with flight instruction also offered by the airport's two fixed-base operators, who also provide fuel, repair, and storage for general aviation aircraft. Additionally, Toledo Express is a base for F-16 fighter jets of the Ohio Air National Guard, which has provided the airport additional funding for runway lengthening and safety enhancements.

Detroit Metropolitan Airport to the north, Port Columbus International Airport to the southeast, and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to the east are the major or hub airports serving residents of northwest Ohio. Detroit Metro is a "fortress hub" for Northwest Airlines and offers both domestic and international flights. Port Columbus is the national hub for Skybus Airlines and offers primarily domestic flights. Cleveland Hopkins is a hub for Continental Airlines and offers both domestic and international flights.

Charter and air taxi service is also available at several smaller airports, such as Toledo Metcalf Field, Findlay Airport, and Lima Allen County Airport. General aviation users can also land at any one of approximately 40 public-use airports (both publicly and privately owned) in northwest Ohio.

The Williams County Airport in Bryan has the second longest runway in Northwest Ohio (Next to Toledo), making it the only other airport able to land larger aircrafts in the region.

Notable people

Local news stations

There are several local news stations that cover various areas in Northwestern Ohio and some of the stations are not located in NW Ohio.



Fort Wayne/Muncie/Van Wert




Local radio outlets


  • WYSA 88.5 FM Yes-FM - Christian Hits
  • WBCY 89.5 FM - Contemporary Christian
  • WMTR 96.1 FM - Adult Hits
  • WNKL 96.9 FM K-Love - Contemporary Christian


  • WRDL 88.9 FM - Rock
  • WNCO 101.3 FM - Country
  • WNCO 1340 AM - Adult Oldies


  • WGBE 90.9 FM - Classical/National Public Radio
  • WBNO 100.9 FM - Classic Hits
  • WKJH 103.5 FM LP - Southern Gospel
  • WQCT 1520 AM - Oldies


  • WCSM 96.7 FM - Adult Contemporary
  • WCSM 1350 AM - Adult Standards/Talk
  • WKKI 94.3 FM - Rock

Columbus Grove/Ottawa (Lima market)

  • WBUK 106.3 FM The Fox - Rock
  • WLWD Wild 93-9 FM - Top 40/Rhythmic


  • WGDE 91.9 FM - Classical/National Public Radio
  • WOOO 95.5 FM LP - Variety
  • WDFM Mix 98-1 FM - Hot Adult Contemporary
  • WNDH 103.1 FM The One - Adult Contemporary
  • WZOM 105.7 FM The Bull - Country
  • WONW 1280 AM - News/Talk


  • WLFC 88.3 FM - College Radio
  • WKXA 100.5 FM - Classic Hits
  • WPFX My 107.7 FM - Adult Contemporary
  • WFIN 1330 AM - News/Talk

Fostoria/Bowling Green

  • WBGU 88.1 FM - College Radio
  • WBVI Mix 96.7 FM - Hot Adult Contemporary
  • WWOC 97.7 FM LP - Religious
  • WJYM 730 AM - Religious
  • WFOB 1430 AM - News/Talk/Adult Standards


  • WHEI 89.9 FM - College Radio
  • WHVT 90.5 FM - Religious
  • WFRO 99.1 FM Eagle 99 - Adult Contemporary
  • WMJK 100.9 FM The Coast - Classic Rock
  • WCKY 103.7 FM - Country
  • WTTF 1600 AM - Adult Oldies



  • WYSM 89.3 FM Yes-FM - Christian Hits
  • WGLE 90.7 FM - Classical/National Public Radio
  • WWSR 92.1 FM Star 92.1 - Top 40
  • WFGF 93.1 FM Froggy 93 - Country
  • WLWD 93.9 FM Wild 93-9 - Top 40/Rhythmic
  • WTGN 97.7 FM - Religious
  • WIMT 102.1 FM T102 - Country
  • WMLX 103.3 FM Mix 103-3 - Hot Adult Contemporary
  • WEGE 104.9 FM The Eagle - Classic Rock
  • WCBV 105.9 FM LP - Religious
  • WZRX-FM 107.5 FM - Rock
  • WZOQ 940 AM - Sports
  • WIMA 1150 AM - News/Talk


  • WOSB 91.1 FM - Classical
  • WMRN 94.3 FM Buckeye Country - Country
  • WYNT Magic 95.9 FM - Adult Contemporary
  • WMRN 1490 AM - News/Talk


  • WONB 94.9 FM The Beat - Top 40/'80s/Urban
  • WKTN 95.3 FM - Adult Contemporary


  • WFOT 88.3 FM - Religious
  • WVMC-FM 90.7 FM - Contemporary Christian
  • WOSV 91.7 FM - Classical
  • WNCG 95.7 FM LP - College Radio
  • WYHT 105.3 FM - Top 40
  • WVNO 106.1 FM - Adult Contemporary


  • WVMS 89.5 FM - Religious/Moody network
  • WNRK 90.7 FM - Classical
  • WLKR 95.3 FM - Adult Alternative
  • WKFM 96.1 FM K96 - Country
  • WLRD 96.9 FM - Southern Gospel
  • WGGN 97.7 FM - Contemporary Christian
  • WCPZ Mix 102.7 FM - Hot Adult Contemporary
  • WLEC 1450 AM - Adult Oldies
  • WLKR 1510 AM - Sports

Toledo Area

  • WXTS 88.3 FM - Jazz
  • WXUT 88.3 FM - College Radio
  • WYSZ 89.3 FM Yes FM - Christian Hits
  • WOTL 90.3 FM - Religious
  • WGTE 91.3 FM - Classical/National Public Radio
  • WVKS 92.5 FM Kiss FM - Top 40
  • WRQN 93.5 FM - Oldies
  • WXKR 94.5 FM - Classic Rock
  • WIMX 95.7 FM Mix 95.7 - R&B
  • WJZE 97.3 FM Hot 97.3 - Hip-Hop & R&B
  • WTWR 98.3 FM Tower 98-3 - Top 40
  • WKKO 99.9 FM K100 - Country
  • WRVF 101.5 FM The River - Adult Contemporary
  • WPOS 102.3 FM - Religious
  • WIOT 104.7 FM - Rock
  • WWWM 105.5 FM Star 105.5 - Hot Adult Contemporary
  • WRWK 106.5 FM The Zone- Modern Rock
  • WJUC 107.3 FM The Juice - Hip-Hop & R&B
  • WCWA 1230 AM - Sports
  • WSPD 1370 AM - News/Talk
  • WLQR 1470 AM - Sports
  • WNWT 1520 AM - Talk/Jazz
  • WTOD 1560 AM - Talk

Upper Sandusky

  • WXML 90.1 FM - Religious

Van Wert

  • WBYR 98.9 FM The Bear - Rock (Fort Wayne, IN market)
  • WKSD Hot 99.7 FM - Oldies/Sports
  • WERT Unforgettable 1220 AM - Adult Oldies


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