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Extreme points of Europe (without Flores Island)


This is a list of the extreme points of Europe, the points that are farther north, south, east or west than any other location in Europe.


The geographical midpoint equidistant to these extreme points is on Saaremaa Island, Estonia.

Europe, excluding remote islands

  • Northernmost point — Knivskjellodden, Norway (71° 11′ 08″ N). (Often incorrectly given as the neighbouring North Cape, which is actually the second northernmost point of the inshore islands of Europe.)
  • Southernmost point — Gavdos, Greece (34° 48′ 02″ N[2]
  • Westernmost point — Bjargtangar, Iceland (24° 32′ 03″ W) [4]
  • Easternmost point — Same as for Mainland Europe below.

Physical geography: Continental shelf / Continental islands

Mainland Europe

  • Northernmost point — Cape Nordkinn (also called Kinnarodden), Norway (71° 08′ 03″ N)
  • Southernmost point — Cape Tenaro, Laconia, Greece
  • Westernmost point — Cabo da Roca, Portugal (09° 30′ 03″ W)
  • Easternmost point — Depending on definition, one of:
    • easternmost end of the Komi Republic, Russia (66° 11′ 57″ E) [5]
    • an unnamed 535 metre peak at 68° 18′ 50″ E on the far northern Ural Mountains watershed divide.
    • according to a definition accepted in Russia and in many other European countries the easternmost point of Europe is the mouth of Bajdarata river, 68° 11′ E.

The geographical midpoint equidistant to these extreme points is at 53°34′01.5″N 28°20′57.2″E / 53.567083°N 28.349222°E / 53.567083; 28.349222, 15 km north east of Marina Gorka, Belarus, if 66° 11′ 57″ E is used as easternmost point. The centre could be 1° to the east.


  • Highest point — Mount Elbrus, Russia (5,642 metres; 18,506 feet) (Depends on how you define the borders of Europe. Some considerations see Mt. Elbrus in Asia and thus the highest point in Europe would be Mont Blanc, on the border between France and Italy, with its 4810 metres above see level)
  • Lowest point — Caspian Sea shore, Russia (−28 metres; −92 feet)

Highest attainable by transportation

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  1. ^ If Franz Josef Land is not considered a part of Europe, then the northernmost point would be located at the northern point of Rossøya, Svalbard (81°N).
  2. ^ a b If Madeira or the Canary Islands are included as part of Europe, they must be considered the southernmost part of the continent. If they are excluded but Cyprus is included as part of Europe, then Akrotiri is the southernmost point.
  3. ^ Fajã Grande (31º 16' 8" W) on Flores is the westernmost village of Europe. If only the part of Azores on the Eurasian plate is included, then Faial (28º 44' W) is the westernmost part of Europe and the Capelinhos volcano its westernmost point.
  4. ^ If Iceland is considered a remote island, the westernmost point would be Tearaght Island, Ireland (10° 40′ W)
  5. ^ Assuming the watershed of the Ural Mountains as Europe's eastern border.
  6. ^ Albula and Bernina lines


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