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Eye Drops
Eye Drops Logo.jpg
Eye Drops logo
Country of origin USA
Language(s) English
No. of episodes 13
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel TechTV
Original run May 16, 2002 – August 8, 2002[1]

Eye Drops was a television program on TechTV that showcased short computer animation movies and clips made using off the shelf 3D animation software. The show claimed to showcase all different types of animation, but only a very small number of shorts featured non-CG animation. Most animations are done completely by one person or by a small group of people.


Series Episodes

Season one

Episode 1, aired 5/16/2002

  • It's Alive by Terry Ziegelman and Paul George

Episode 2, aired 5/23/2002

Episode 3, aired 5/30/2002

  • Wild Card by Van Phan
  • Walk by Jeff Drew
  • Puppet by Anzovin Studios
  • Tung Fu by Gregory Lemons
  • F8 (part one) by Jason Wen
  • Airheads by Mike Wheeler
  • Serenade by Jason Judy, Paul Downs, and Michael Berger

Episode 4, aired 6/6/2002

  • Pasta for War by Zach Schlappi
  • Animation Lab: Rendering Transparent Materials by Henrik Wann Jensen
  • Ruby's Saloon by Kevin "Bubba" Lombardi
  • F8 (part two) by Jason Wen
  • Considering an Exotic Pet by Skye Carlson
  • The Battle Concerto for Two Ninjas by Scott Bazzle
  • Hello, Dolly! by Mariko Hoshi
  • Irresolve by Tim Benedict
  • When Wolfy Met Helga by Mookie Weisbrod

Episode 5, aired 6/13/2002

  • Fishman by Dan Bransfield
  • Animation Lab: Phimai Temple Tour by Dr. Richard Levy
  • Freeware by Alex Orrelle and Mike Kaczmarek
  • Sad Robot by Brian Frisk
  • Frank 'n' Beanz by David Poole
  • The Frogs and the Princess by Scott Jones
  • The Metronome Heart by James Ross

Episode 6, aired 6/20/2002

  • The Jumper

Episode 7, aired 6/27/2002

  • Sketch Modern by Chris McDonnel
  • The Poultry Paradox by Carlos Pedroza
  • A Ride in the Country by Pat Gehlen
  • Stick Figures by Animusic
  • Snobe Birds by Jeremy Gibb
  • When It's All That's Left by Aaron Halifax

Episode 8, aired 7/4/2002

  • In the Vault by Geoffrey Clark
  • The Return of Dracula by Pat Chan
  • Cerebrium by Bryan Kolupski
  • Jumpman Junior by Dairy Haas, Mark Yannitell, and Scott Yannitell
  • Emperor Blurgg by Keith Matz
  • Woody by Jason Tam
  • Puppeteer by Cheryl Sandgren

Episode 9, aired 7/11/2002

  • Skating Skip

Episode 10, aired 7/18/2002

Episode 11, aired 7/25/2002

  • Halls of Montezuma

Episode 12, aired 8/1/2002

  • Womb Wars by Tom Newby
  • Animation Lab: Vesuvius Had Spoken by Danic Dabic
  • The Funeral by Vic Cherubini
  • The Emperor's New Suit by Scott Winston
  • Mime in a Box by Eric Kunzendorf
  • Robokopf by Brian Frisk

Episode 13, aired 8/8/2002

  • The Daydreamer


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