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F-Zero: GP Legend
F-zero gp logo.jpg
F-Zero logo
F-ZERO ファルコン伝説
(Efu Zero Farukon Densetsu)
Genre Adventure, science fiction, sports
TV anime
Director Ayumi Tomobuki
Studio Ashi Productions
Licensor United States 4Kids Entertainment (TV)
Original run October 7, 2003September 28, 2004
Episodes 51
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F-Zero: GP Legend (F-ZERO ファルコン伝説 Efu Zero Farukon Densetsu, literally "F-Zero: Legend of Falcon /-Falcon Legend" ?) is a fifty-one episode anime series by Ashi Productions based on the video game of the same name. It debuted in Japan on October 7, 2003, on TV Tokyo; the final episode aired on September 28, 2004.[1] 4Kids Entertainment licensed the anime series for North American broadcast. According to Kombo, in North America, the show was modified by 4Kids.[2] Thirteen episodes of GP Legend aired on the FoxBox channel in the United States before its cancellation. It is now being re-aired on Tokyo Metropolitan Television (Tokyo MX) from 7:30 to 8:00 every Thursday in Japan.[3] It is a reboot of the franchise taking place in the year 2201. Lifeforms from all across the galaxy come to compete in the new racing tournament called "F-Zero".



Police detective Rick Wheeler (Ryu Suzaku in Japan) is one of the protagonists.[1] He suffers a near-fatal car accident while in pursuit of an escaped criminal named Zoda. Ryu nearly dies, but is revived in the year 2201 by Mobile Task Force members Jody Summer and Dr. Stewart. The Task Force tries to keep prize money out of the hands of unsavory people like the Dark Million Organization run by Black Shadow and Deathborn. That organization is responsible for cryogenically evolving Rick's old enemy Zoda. Now Ryu joins the Task Force to help take down Zoda and the rest of Dark Million. While pursuing his objectives, Rick will unexpectedly meet up with the legendary racer and bounty hunter named Captain Falcon.

Captain Falcon is one of the protagonists,[1] and is shrouded in mystery. When not racing, he works at a bar that he owns under the name Bart Lemming. Also, he's actually Andy Summer, Jody's brother, who apparently died in the accident that revolved around Zoda. He fights constantly against Black Shadow and the Dark Million Organization, and often lends a hand to the Task Force. In the middle of the series, "The Legend of Falcon" is told to Rick Wheeler by Dr. Stewart. According to the legend, Captain Falcon and Black Shadow are incarnations of light and dark, and in the manner of Yin and Yang, they can't defeat each other on their own. Also, in the beginning of the Universe, after the Big Bang, six powerful objects called "Reactor Mights" were created, and the one who controls them all gains unimaginable power. It is also revealed that Ryu Suzaku is "The Savior" of the Universe and is destined to finally tip the scales in Falcon's favor. During the final battle, Falcon and Rick team up to destroy Black Shadow's Dark Reactor with their collected Reactor Mights, and Captain Falcon finishes off Black Shadow with his signature move, the Falcon Punch. Captain Falcon tells Rick that the name of "Captain Falcon" is a title given only to the best, that "only the one who can exceed Falcon can become Falcon". After Black Shadow's defeat and Captain Falcon's sacrifice shortly after, Rick becomes the new Captain Falcon.

Black Shadow is the main villain of the series and leader of the Dark Million Organization. He hatches the scheme of taking the Reactor Mights for himself and not until the end do his plans fail. The Reactors are the key to fulfill his beloved dream: to create the Dark Reactor which will make the Universe implode and be born anew as a cosmos filled with evil. He is shown to be incredibly patient and cunning, as insults or apparent setbacks are only met by his insane evil laugh, to his minions' perplexion. He rarely takes much physical action in his plans, mostly issuing orders and working behind the scenes, though when he must, he brings out his monstrous machine, the Black Bull. He also has mysterious powers that border on the magical, like sending rays from his body that cause pain to nearby people, to impersonating people by taking their shape. Black Shadow remains in control in the entire series until the very end, when Ryu and Captain Falcon manage to overload and destroy the Dark Reactor. Shocked and furious at his sudden defeat, he jumps out of his machine in the middle of the explosion to attack Falcon, but he is finally defeated when the Falcon Punch is unleashed upon him and he is utterly obliterated.

Theme music

The anime uses two pieces of theme music in the series; one opening theme and one ending theme. The opening theme is called "The Meaning of Truth" and is sung by Hiro-x. The ending theme is called "Resolution" and is sung by Ai Maeda. The video animation animation for each changes after the first thirty-nine episodes. The final episode did not air with an opening.


Rick Wheeler
Voiced by Gregory Abbey credited as John Campbell
Captain Falcon / Bart Lemming
Voiced by David Wills


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