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F1 grenade
Type Time-fused grenade
Place of origin  Australia
Service history
In service 2006–present
Used by Australia
Wars War in Afghanistan (2001–present)
Production history
Designer Thales Australia
Weight 375 g
Length 96mm
Diameter 58mm

Filling RDX
Filling weight 62 g
Timed Fuse

The F1 fragmentation hand grenade is manufactured by Thales Australia and is used by the Australian Defence Force. The F1 is a high explosive, anti-personnel grenade with a lethal radius of 6m, casualty radius of 15m and a safety radius of 30m.[1] The grenade weighs 375g and contains over 4000 2.4mm steel ball fragments with a fuse time of 4.5 to 5.5 seconds.[1] Thales Australia also manufactures an F3 practice grenade, being a non-fragmentation replica of the F1, which produces an audible output and white smoke to indicate functioning, and is used for training.[1]




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